Sunday, November 15, 2020

Life Lately

 Guys. Guys. It has been so long since I've blogged! My last post was my October Reads and now we're into November and this girl has some THOUGHTS. I've got a Hallmark Christmas movie on (why is the hair on these leading ladies always so on point?!), Hank is upstairs napping, and I decided to do a photo dump here to catch up on life lately. Every few months I toy with the idea of moving my blog to "private" mode. I think I might someday, but I always return to it because I love documenting and then later, looking back and remembering. So here we are.....halfway into November---living life in a Pandemic (I know we're sick of it, I know it's stressful, but it's still happening and we need to try and be part of the solution), approaching the holidays, and we have a new president. I wish I kept a tally for how many times I refreshed from November 3rd-November 8th. It was a lot. I'm thrilled with the results (not exactly the margins I was hoping for, but hey) and hope that our country can come together to build a better and brighter future for everyone. Ok, folks, Life Lately Photo drop.....

Halloween: Hank had a fun Halloween party at school and we had some friends over for a Halloween celebration the day before. We didn't trick or treat but Hank had a blast being Buzz!! He wanted to be Woody all summer long and then about a month before Halloween he declared, "It's Buzz, mom, I want to be Buzz!" 

My awesome mom made party bags for Hank's classmates and my MIL made party bags for my 1st graders. So sweet! 

Hank has been working hard on a "dinner manners chart" and after 35 evenings of good manners, he earned his prize: a wiggle bike! He LOVES this thing and it's awesome for zooming around our basement. 

I've been making all kinds of new recipes! AJ made a pulled pork on the Traeger, I made dehydrated strawberries (they cooked for 3 hours at 250 degrees and turned out so chewy and yummy), crustless pumpkin pie, slow cooker chicken marsala, tortellini soup, and tonight I'm trying a new recipe: Hamburger and fry pie! (Cheeseburgers are Hank's favorite food so I hope he enjoys this new twist on it). I love trying new recipes especially when we're home so much! 

Christmas has arrived at Starbucks! I had my first caramel brulee latte of the season today and waited in line for 30 minutes for my free reusable cup the day of the holiday roll out. It's so crazy but going on "opening day" is sort of a tradition now. Starbucks helped me get through conferences last week. They were held via Zoom. I missed the camaraderie of the whole school together and seeing former students and visiting the book fair, but overall, they went well this year despite the different format. 

These guys are my whole world. Hank is chatting up a storm and makes us laugh all the time. He does this new look we call "side eye" and it's hilarious. And don't worry, AJ slipped his annual autographed school picture into my lunchbox this week. I added it to my wall but strategically moved it so it wouldn't be in the frame of my zoom meetings because ummm, weird. Lol. 

I'm just over here trying to resist putting up all my holiday decos (I want to respect the turkey), but I can't help putting up a few things here and there.....the holly jolly will be on overload this year. We all need it. We've never celebrated Christmas in this house and I'm so excited to decorate.

 I have been listening to Leslie Odom Jr.'s Christmas album and it is perfection. (He's Burr if you didn't know!). I'll leave you with this jam I've had on repeat. Have a happy week and Savor Your Sparkle,

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