Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Life Lately


    I'm coming to you from the other side....the other side of school starting! Here is a very brief rundown of my thoughts 5 days in: 1. My class is awesome and I hope and pray we can be together all year. 2. I really missed in person teaching. 3. Teaching/being in a mask alllll day is hard. 4. I definitely miss aspects of pre-covid school. 5. I'm exhausted but good exhausted. It's been a whirlwind but in a world that feels so crazy, it's nice that my little classroom corner of the world feels sort of "normal." I can feel that fall crisp-ness in the air and I've been enjoying my fair share of Starbucks pumpkin cream cold brews and burning my fall candle. I just love it! (And no, I haven't had my PSL Hadley/Mommy traditional day yet, but I have it on my calendar). 

I've got some super random Life Lately pics for you today but first I just had to share this adorable one. We had a family photo shoot recently and this picture makes me melt. We are always cheering on our little man!

 Have you tried these Mediterranean Bowls?! I posted this recipe last week and these babies are so versatile and delish! I have them on the menu again next week! 

I found these delicious and convenient mini pancake packs on my last visit to Costco. There are 25 pouches with 2 little pancakes in each. The perfect easy breakfast for Hank! I told him since they're made in France that Ratatouille made them. He thinks that's hilarious. 

We are soaking up the sunshine and LOVING our backyard so so so much! On Sunday we were out there for hours while dinner cooked on the Traeger. Pure bliss. 

Two internet faves from this week.... This meme made me laugh. First, it's got Leo. Second, I LOVE a Starbucks tumbler. I almost always have one with ice water in it by my side. 

Second, I've gotten really into the podcast, The Bible Binge, from the same creators of my most fave podcast, The Popcast. They are doing a new series called "Faith Adjacent" where they tie pop culture to concepts of faith. The premier episode in this series was about Hamilton and this Hamilton Benediction is absolute perfection. 

That's it for this Wednesday! 

Savor Your Sparkle,


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