Saturday, August 15, 2020

This & That

 Guys. It's been a minute (like a lot of weeks) since I've blogged! Why? It's Back to School, baby! I've stewed all summer about school starting. I have thoughts, lots of 'em, but I'll keep them to myself on this blog. I will say, it's nice being back with colleagues and back in my classroom happy place. This year will be different. There is zero doubt about that. I've really missed teaching, though. And I've said this over and over: I will never take a "normal" back to school experience for granted ever again. 

Oh, and pro tip: I follow a social media account, Love, Teach and she recommended putting a drop or two of essential oil in your mask and it's delightful. A friend sent me a "pumpkin patch" oil and my mask now smells like a crisp fall morning, a dash of cinnamon, and a PSL and it makes wearing a mask for 8 hours a day semi-tolerable. Anyway, Hank is back to childcare 3 days a week and he has Grandma and Grandpa days 2 days a week. It's been an adjustment for all of us having been all together chilling for 3 months. Pandemic life is weird. Especially for those of us who have young children and work with young children.  

Love a teacher out there! I've gotten a few care packages (including these awesome disinfecting wipes and mask set) and notes of well wishes from friends and family as we jump into "Pandemic School"  and it means SO much to me and warms my heart. 

First Day of school excitement!! 

Hank loves long walks! 

Some exciting things in the midst of returning back to real life: We got a new car and our yard is complete! So the lease on our current car was up this fall and we decided we wanted to turn it in and switch to a purchase. AJ and I spent the morning at the dealership last week and while we intended to purchase the car we currently have, it ended up being the same cost to purchase a year newer one. Done and done!  

Our yard has been a step by step process. To the left it what it looked like before we moved in and below is what it looks like now (from the same vantage point!).  We expanded our patio in March (a week before the world closed!) and then our neighbor behind us finished their retaining wall in June, then our fence was put in during July. The last step was sprinklers, sod, and landscaping. Finally on Thursday we came home from work to find it finished! Woohoo! I am thrilled to have all major house projects done for 2020! I am so thankful we found our home and moved this year. It's been so great for us. 

I was going to save this find for a "What I'm Loving Lately" post but decided to share it now instead! My parents bought Hank this cute giant cloth coloring mat from The Modern Cloth Co. You need to use washable Crayolas on it but when you're done, just pop it in the washing machine and it's all clean again. Hank loves this cute ocean scene. 

I really miss my 2 guys during the week after spending so much time with them for the past 5 months!. Luckily, waking up early, packing lunches (3 a day! Lord help me), actually doing my makeup (!), and returning to my classroom again sort of feels normal in a world that feels anything but! Keeping this quote in mind as we dive into the unknown....

Have a great week ahead! 
Savor Your Sparkle,

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