Tuesday, July 28, 2020

What I'm Loving Lately

It's been a bit since a What I'm Loving Lately post and I always feel my mood lifted after I write these posts. Even the smallest things (guys, there's a $1 Walmart find on this list) can bring joy! What are YOU loving lately?

1. Exploring Utah: This is such a cool state! It's been fun this summer exploring outdoor activities around. Some we've done lately: Tracy Aviary, Memory Grove, Porter Rockwell Trail, Ashton Gardens, lots of parks, Wheeler Farm, Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point, Jungle Trail in Corner Canyon, Farmers Markets. On our list: ski resorts, Antelope Island, Red Butte Garden, Ogden Nature Center, Hogle Zoo. What else is a fun outdoor Utah activity??

2. Netflix finds: Here are some things I've been watching lately--
*Virgin River-This is a cute show like Hart of Dixie (even the grumpy old school doc is played by the same actor) about a young doc moving into a small mountain town. There is a baby loss story line that was sort of triggering so be warned. 
*Trump: An American Dream-This is a 4 part documentary chronicling Trump's early years and his rise to the presidency. If you aren't a fan, this will confirm your beliefs. If you are a Trumper, please watch this with an open mind and learn a bit about the character of the man who leads our nation (spoiler alert: Yikes). 
*Say I Do: Surprise Weddings-This is the most darling show! It's just like Queer Eye but with weddings! 3 guys help a groom surprise his bride with a dream wedding. It's just a sweet show if you like makeover shows, weddings, and happy endings.

3. Raccoon Rumpus: One of our friends had this game and I bought it for Hank. It is such a cute game! I want to be a family that plays lots of games and this is a great first one. You roll 2 dice and they show a color and a clothing item (shirt, pants) and you "dress" your raccoon accordingly. If you roll the "underwear," though, all your outfits need to be put back. The first person to have 5 outfits wins.

4. Epicure: My friend Katie recently became a consultant for Epicure and I had never heard of it before but now I am a fan! Epicure is a kitchen tool and food company that sells seasonings, spices, and meal kits with clean and flavorful ingredients. Some of my faves: SPG (salt pepper garlic), spinach and ranch dip mix (yes I'm still doing my weekly veggie trays!), banana bread mix, the steamer, and I love the little meal pouches. Add fresh ingredients and dinner is done! With all this extra time at home, it's been fun to experiment more in the kitchen.
This could not have been easier: I marinated chicken chunks and onion slices with the ranch mix and olive oil overnight. Then added bacon between the chicken and onion, and hubs popped these on the Traeger. A winner dinner! 
a little slice of banana goodness and an iced coffee. Perfect afternoon pick me up! (Ignore my utensil choice lol). 

5. Divider Tray: I found this divider tray for $1 at Walmart and I love it (and so does Hank!). It's dishwasher safe and it's so nice to have the little spots to split up the food for his meals. We call it his "airplane tray" and he loves it!

6. Archer Farms Trail Mix: I love love love the fun flavors and selection of Target trail mix. Trail mix is one of my very favorite snacks. I spotted a few different kinds last time I was there and this neopolitan one is so so so good. Highly recommend!

7. Toddlerhood: This age is so fun. Hank says things every single day that make us crack up. He is funny, caring, and his little personality is just shining through! He loves to dance, Daniel Tiger, and balls of all varieties. He also LOVES to play outside. We are all potty trained (except for sleeping) and I'm so proud of my little man.

8. Folklore: I cannot even tell you my excitement that Taylor Swift was releasing her new album less than a year after "Lover." This is, without a doubt, my favorite of all of her albums. Every track is amazing. It's more mature, thoughtful and folksy than her other stuff but features poignant lyrics and that classic Taylor style I love. It is so so so good and I've been listening on repeat.

Lots to love lately! We'll just be over here savoring every last drop of summer!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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