Monday, June 15, 2020

Life Lately

Hi Friends,
    I have a Life Lately post for you today. I saw a quote this week that said, "When historians come forward to study 2020, they'll need to specialize in just a quarter at a time because so much is going on." That is some truth right there. I know it's a time of so much heartache and anxiety in the world. Prayer and thoughts must be coupled with action to make lasting change. 

This week was Hadley's 4th birthday. I can hardly believe it. It's always a hard day. We spent time looking through Hadley's photos, lighting her special candle, and visiting her. This year was unique because Hank really understood that it was Hadley's birthday and for the first time he could understand what the day was about. The pain is less raw than it was in years past but in so many ways, it gets harder too. AJ and I had no idea how much we were missing out on. Watching Hank grow and change, and laughing and learning with him everyday makes me miss Hadley even more and wonder what she would be like. 

We went on a family adventure last week to Payson Lakes. It was gorgeous! We walked around once with Hank just walking and then we did it 2 more times with Hank in the stroller. It was only about an hour or so away and such a gorgeous spot. And bonus, it wasn't crowded at all! I would love to go back and bring something to float on! It's been fun exploring new places in our beautiful state! 

They were adding fish to the lake while we were there. It was the weirdest thing to see all these fish come flopping out of a truck, but Hank sure thought it was cool. 

Here are some other random moments from Life Lately.
Chef Hank helped me make homemade pizza! 
I ordered a strand of felt balls on our shiplap piece and love that little pop of color. Also, did you know Etsy has approximately 834034820 felt ball shops? 

Have you eaten at Seven Brothers (in Saratoga Springs for you locals)? We LOVE their food and discovered a fun local park closeby where we can chow down.

A beautiful rainbow after a whole weekend of rain a few weeks ago. Gorgeous. 

This is a coffee shop I heard about from my sister, the gal behind the blog, UT Caffeine Queen
           This drink is called the Campfire Cold Brew and it is a delight! That's whipped marshmallow cold                 foam on it. Yesssss. It's like 20 minutes away and I pass multiple coffee shops on the way, but               sometimes Hank and I just need to hit the open road and listen to some TSwift, ya know? 
I found this mini trampoline for a steal on KSL. It's been super fun! 

We are enjoying these slower days (well, AJ has a busy week this week as he is grading AP test essays from home and I'm trying to keep Hank away from his workspace) and hoping we can return to school safely in the fall. It's so strange to me because we are on covid "level"  yellow, but cases are higher than ever. It seems that people are sort of willing it all to be over. I will say, we are finding more ways to live with it and are trying to get more creative with social distancing as the weather allows. I've had picnics with friends, gone on walks with other moms, we've gotten together with friends outdoors, AJ's family is coming to visit next month, I got a pedicure with a mask, we went to the Farmers Market, etc. I'm still very wary of activities with lots of people and I'm still making an effort to stay away from any crowds. I'm so totally sick of it, but I know now is the time to be vigilant. Right now is the time to make good choices that will help the numbers in the coming weeks. It's tough because there's a guilt element with covid, like, if you get it, "What did you do? Where did you go??" Hank had a  slight 12 hour fever a few weeks ago and I panicked thinking, oh my goodness, have I gotten too lax? He was fine literally by the same afternoon, but nothing like a pandemic to get mom guilt firing on all cylinders! It's hard to know what's right, what's reckless, what's worth worrying about, and what are the things I can do to be a responsible member of my community without losing my mind.

 I need to remember that while diseases are random predators in a sense, there are still things we can do to try and help prevent it. This is all hard and new, guys. Don't hesistate to give yourself some grace and you don't need my permission but I'm giving it to you anyway, to tell your toddler that "The aquarium is still being cleaned so we can't go. It's really dirty I guess. Sharks don't seem like tidy creatures, buddy." (The aquarium is totally open I just don't feel comfortable going yet). What a time to be alive, friends. (tongue out emoji with one eye closed....I've been using that one a lot lately).  In other news, I have been reading up a storm this month and cannot wait to share my reads with you on the blog later this month!! 
Have a beautiful week. 
Savor Your Sparkle & Wear Your Damn Mask, 

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