Saturday, May 30, 2020

What I'm Loving Lately

I'm back with another edition of What I'm Loving Lately! 

Friends, I know these days are hard. I know we want to browse Target aimlessly looking for clearance things (just me?), we want our summer trips, our play dates, our dinners out, and our carefree outings. Ohhhh boy, do I get it. Most of all, though, I want to reconnect with my people. I want to not social distance, smile without a mask, and I wish "covid" was never a word I knew. Plus, in addition to all of that, we are hearing about (and witnessing)  darkness, hatred, and ignorance in the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd. Goodness, the world feels broken sometimes, doesn't it? It's hard to find hope but I promise it's there... even in the midst of trauma and grief. So I know the things on this list won't change the evening news and they won't bring back graduations, weddings, and just hugging a friend, but little things can make these days brighter. And a little brightness? Is always worth savoring. little list of what I'm loving lately, in no particular order. 

1. Sweet Magnolias: Were the TV gods listening when I said I wanted a show like Hart of Dixie, that was cute? Light? Romantic? Southern? Highlighting girl Boss Friendships? Well, look no further! This show won't be winning any Emmys but it's been a fun watch. This is about a group of 3 friends who start a spa together in their small hometown. There's divorce, drama, parenting, small town rumor mills, and....Jamie Lynn Spears is in it. Yep (Remember what I said about no Emmys? Her acting is touuuuuugh, guys). This is a cute fast watch. 

2. Reading! I have officially begun Harry Potter Book 6. Look for it on my next monthly reads post. In the meantime, check out my May reads HERE. There were lots of great reads in May! 

3. Hank and his Yard: This boy makes me smile. Hank adores doing whatever daddy does and a few weeks ago we made the very adult purchases of a hose reel, a lawn mower, and a weed whacker. I'm 33, married, a homeowner, have a masters degree, and am a mom, but dang if those purchases didn't make me feel like a real live grown up! Hank adores helping AJ water the flowers, check the sprinklers, and of course, mow. AJ does a section (while Hank cheers him on), and then it's Hank's turn. He tells everyone he meets about "his yard." 

4. Taylor Swift City of Lovers: Yeah, I've watched it twice. I'm a Swiftie and this concert with some paired down acoustic songs was quarantine perfection. 

5. Homemade manicures: I LOVE a gel mani. And yes, I know the salons are open, but I'm staying away a bit longer, so I have been having fun with some DIY manis. I have used Color Street, Impress stick ons, and recently found an Etsy shop, Sawyer and Scout that makes the cutest nail wraps at only $4 a pop! I ordered a few last week. And, Utah friends, it's local,  so the 2 times I ordered, they arrived the next day! I can't wait to try out the new fun designs. 

6. Cocktails: I've always loved a good fruity boozy beverage, but that only grew when we went to Hawaii in the fall! I've been experimenting and making my own. Some key ingredients I've used in my creations: La Croix, Rose, sliced fruit, lemonade, berries, reisling, vodka, lemon and lime juice etc. I mainly enjoy a wine spritzer but some tequila in a sparkling fruit water can delight as well. I'm basically Wells from Bachelor in Paradise is what I'm saying. 

7. Outside Time: We have been spending so much time outside and I love it! I'm all loaded up on allergy meds so I can enjoy it without sneezing too much. There's been plenty of water table time, reading outside, grilling, sidewalk chalk, frisbee, and walks. I just love the sunshine. 

8. Nut Butter Smoothies: I picked these up recently at Costco and I love them! Easy peasy and delicious. I've been refrigerating it for a late night sweet treat. (Oh and I'm wearing a striped version of those nails I write about above!). 

9. The Memes: Guys, there will be a chapter in history books on Covid about memes. They are golden. Here are some recent faves. 

What are YOU loving lately?
Savor Your Sparkle,

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