Tuesday, May 12, 2020

May Musings

How is it already nearly mid-May? Also, how is it only mid-May? This quarantine stuff, guys, it really messes with your sense of time. I have lots of pictures for you on the blog today! I organized it in a list because #lazy and why not?

1. Butterflies! I love my spring butterfly unit with my 1st graders and even though I was sad to not be able to do it in person, I ordered the kit and did it here at home. I updated my students via Google classroom. Hank absolutely loved it and we released our beautiful butterflies at a nearby park a few weeks ago. I never ever get over the miracle of how these gorgeous creatures come from those nasty little caterpillars. Amazing!

2. Spiral Jetty: This is a place in Utah I had never visited and was always curious, so Friday we loaded up the car with gas and plenty of snacks and made the journey. It was gorgeous out there (and we were able to stay socially distant) and Hank loved it. He thought we went to the beach and we just let him think that. It was an all day adventure as it took about 2 and a half hours to get there and we spent an hour or so there. We got home that evening happy, sun burnt, and with Cafe Rio take out. It was a wonderful day 

The spiral jetty is about 40 minutes of dirt road beyond the Golden Spike monument. Here's Hank standing on the place where the 2 railroads met. The visitor's center was closed but we were able to use the bathroom (amen!) there and walk around the deserted grounds. 

This is considered a famous piece of "earthwork" and was created by an artist in the 70's. 

Mother's Day: We wished we could have spent the day with our moms, but we made the best of the day anyway. We got coffees and visited Hadley and then went on a lovely 90 minute walk followed by naps for all. It was a great relaxing day. I can't believe I became a mom almost 4 years ago. I'll have to do a post here soon about discussing Hadley with Hank. He's been very curious lately and we talk about her a lot. He knows he has a big sister in heaven who looks out for him. 

Random Life Lately
Thank you, Pinterest for toddler art ideas. This one was a hit---we dipped toilet paper rolls into paint and stamped with them, 

We walked over to the Real Academy to take advantage of the beautiful views there to watch the air force flyover. It was neat! 

We made another trip to Cross E Ranch Farm Drive Thru. I am so impressed by places being innovative during this time of Covid. 
Hank LOVES animals! 

One of our friends organized a Zoom dinner party. We each made an element of the meal, exchanged on our door steps, and then ate together via Zoom. It was a fun way to connect. 

We made sprinkle pancakes for brunch last week. YUM! I've had to kick up my basement workouts to make up for all the delicious splurging going on here!
Take out tastes better at the park! 

The water table made its debut at our new house! We are getting our backyard finished in July. I cannot wait! Although Hank loves digging back there. He can dig and play back there for hours. Life of a toddler! 

Ever since we moved in 5 months ago, I've wanted to get something for that blank wall above our TV. This was my Mother's Day gift--it's a framed piece of distressed shiplap. I love that I can switch out the wreath seasonally. I've become addicted with looking at felt ball garlands on Etsy to drape over it too. I love decorating. 

For the past 3 weeks I've put together a veggie tray on Sunday to snack on during the week. It looks so pretty and it's more convenient to eat veggies when they are all prepped.

It seems strange that this at home lifestyle is "normal" now. Never in a million years did I think our May would look like this!! We are so thankful for the doctors, nurses, scientists, hospital workers, and community helpers of all kinds helping us all get through these unique, unsettling times. Lots of Love from me to you.

Savor Your Sparkle,

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