Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Tuesday Tidbits

We are what? Week 6 of "at home" orders now? I've lost track! 
I do not want to forget these days at home. We are all living in historical times and even though our days aren't super exciting, I want to continue to keep these memories for our little family....and I love to share them with you too!

What are some things we've been up to?

*Lots of Walks---we hit the pavement everyday and usually one walk a day involves Hank in his stroller and the other one he is walking...and exploring everything! I am so thrilled for this spring weather we've been having!

*Crafting--- I try and have Hank do one art type thing a day. Whether it's coloring, painting, shaving cream, play doh, chalk---something! He is in LOVE with kinetic sand (he got a set for Easter) and I just ordered him another refill pack. I even got in on the crafting---I got bored the other night and walked out to our backyard (still all dirt, no landscaping yet), picked up a big rock and painted it with the 2 paint colors I had on hand! It looks pretty cute on our front step.

*Cooking---It has been so fun having more time in the kitchen to make dinner, treats, etc. I've been reaching for some go to faves and some new finds too. By the way, I've been getting plenty of recipe inspo from my own blog. Click HERE for all my recipe posts. We are having the Beef Tamale Skillet tonight. 
One of my fave easy meals---wheat angel hair, tomatoes, chicken, spinach, olive oil, garlic, lemon zest

We grilled the other night and it was perfection. My favorite restaurant is The Bohemian so we tried to recreate their amazing burger at home. 
Did we let Hank stay up until 10:00 to bake cookies with me? Yep. He loves to be a kitchen helper. 

THE BEST COOKIES I'VE EVER MADE! I browned the butter. Game changer. Recipe is HERE

Greek Beef Bowls such an easy slow cooker meal 

*Online teaching: It's weird teaching 1st grade online. I miss the kids terribly. This time, I hope, reminds us all that teaching students trumps the content all day long. I was still able to do my butterfly unit and have discovered some fun uses of zoom time with my class, but I miss our little corner of the world. I am so impressed by parents who are holding down the fort for their multiple children while managing their own jobs too. If anything, I hope I learn more skills and techniques to bring to my classroom when we go back. But for the record, I don't miss packing lunches or wrangling Hank out the door at 7 am. 
Hank has loved having the butterflies at our house. All 5 hatched this week! 

My view while online teaching. AJ and I usually take turns being with Hank and working during the day.

I popped into school last week and cleaned out my students' desks. So surreal I won't be teaching them from our classroom ever again. 
*Seeking the joy in the little moments----like an iced Starbucks at the drive thru, my Spice Girls/Cher playlist for basement workouts, staying up way past our bedtimes, and finding laughter when we can. This situation is not ideal, but maybe, just maybe, we can grow a bit from it. I sure hope so. 

Savor Your Sparkle,

PS) I laughed at this meme for 5 minutes. #truthhoney
Spa Day for 1 please!

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