Monday, March 9, 2020

Unexpected Kindness

This weekend we were the recipients of a random act of kindness and it made me so happy I nearly cried. We went to Michael's this weekend (me, AJ, Hank) and as we were in the checkout line, Hank kept saying, "Tracker! Tracker!" I had no idea what he was talking about since I am only familiar with the OG Paw Patrol cast (Rubble is my fave), but apparently "Tracker"is a new-ish member of the Paw Patrol. Sure enough, there was a little Tracker dog in a stuffed animal display. I checked the tag and yep, Hank was right, his name was Tracker. The lady behind us in line smiled as I said, "Yep, buddy, his name is Tracker. Good eyes!"  Hank grabbed it, squeezed it tight, and as we went to pay, I swiped it and tossed it back on the shelf. Hank fussed for a second, but I explained we weren't going to buy him today and maybe we could get it another day.

As we were walking out the door the lady who was behind us in line got our attention and said, "Here's your Tracker dog little buddy. He's all yours." I was floored. Hank lit up and gave her a huge smile. AJ and I thanked her profusely and told her she was so sweet and that was so unexpected. She said with a smile, "Well, he is just the cutest thing and I thought he should have that little dog."

GUYS. I can't even. That small act of kindess is something I will never forget. Here's the thing, this caring stranger wasn't on her phone, she was present, and listening to us in line. She decided to reach out and spread a little joy. She certainly didn't need to. Hank is not wanting for stuffed animals or anything really, but it made him so happy and taught our family a valuable lesson....Stay alert, and watch and listen for how you can give and spread joy. This sweet stranger was observant decided to act in generosity. I think it's fitting the little pup's name is Tracker. May we all be actively tracking ways to spread love and share kindness. 

Savor Your Sparkle,

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