Friday, March 6, 2020

Catching Up With Captions

I've got lots of pictures for you today and this blog post will be full of captions. I'm sitting here on Friday evening with some kettle corn and a glass of moscato. I just wrapped up designing a photo book on Shutterfly from our Hawaii trip. It only took about 4 months, ha!  It would appear to be peaceful, but I'm watching the 20/20 special, "Outbreak," all about the Corona Virus so it's not the most Zen like option. I'm about 5 minutes away from switching to the DVR'd episodes of Married Ar First Sight. Ughhhh. I don't know about anyone else but I'm having a hard time determining whether it's sensationalized by the media or truly something to worry about (or most likely a combination of the two??). Anyway, despite the depressing nature of so many news stories lately (saying farewell to the chance for a female president among them), my little fam is doing well and we are SO EXCITED for spring time and warmer weather.

I ordered this for our upstairs bathroom a few weeks ago and it arrived this week. True words!! 
I had today off for grade transmittal day so I decided to take my little man to do some random acts of kindness. We baked up some festive St. Paddy's Day sugar cookies, whipped up some homemade frosting, and delivered them to Hank's school, AJ's school, and my parents. It was so much fun and Hank and I chatted about how it's nice to do something kind for others.

We made about 50 cookies total! 

"I stir" 

Helping mama

Hank and I went to lunch at In and Out (he loves cheeseburgers) 

Visiting dad's classroom
I completed the 4th out of 5 teacher retreat professional development sessions last week. The topics are super interesting and I can't say I mind the night in the hotel by myself! (a book and bedtime by 8, nothing exciting but delightful nonetheless).

Some more Life Lately...
Just us on a little walk

Getting a new 'do. Also---who told Hank smiling means "open mouth awkwardly?" It cracks me up 

We went to the aquarium last week and this sweet sea turtle "visited" with us for a while. So cool! 

Riding a frog, as you do 

I had a girls dinner last week on the other side of town so I stopped in for a latte at a local shop to do some work on the way.. This was a delicious mid-week treat

I made a "school years memory box" for Hank where I will have a file for each year and the special mementos and art from that year. The art is piling up so I figured we needed an organization system for the most sentimental pieces. 

A bit of warmer weather meant we got out for some walks this week! 

A teacher at Hank's school sent me this. I love seeing my little man try new things
This meme made me crack up. I think we can all power through the time change this weekend knowing we have the Bachelor finale to start our week!

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