Sunday, February 9, 2020

What I'm Loving Lately

It's here---another edition of What I'm Loving Lately! I truly believe there are so many benefits to practicing gratitude regularly and I love sharing part of my gratitude practice here on This Sunday Kinda Love for you!

 -Rothys--I have been wanting a pair of Rothys for a sweet forever. My awesome mother in law, who gifted me my beloved Tieks flats, knew this and got me a Rothys gift card for Christmas. I've been browsing their website for a style and print I wanted to commit to, and I decided on the merino wool camel stripe flat! I am in love. They are just as comfy as Tieks and the super cool part? They are made from recycled water bottles. I love them!

photo from Trip Advisor
-Indian Food--I got into Indian food a few years ago and AJ and I were so delighted to discover an awesome new Indian place by us. It's called Saffron Circle. That's where we first tried our new favorite dish: Chicken 65 (spicy crispy bites of goodness). I swiped a take out menu last time we were there and it's nice to know on a chilly weeknight when the to do's are piling up, some delicious naan and flavorful eats are just a short drive away.

-TV---I feel like all my shows are back and I've been enjoying a steady diet of The Bachelor, The Good Doctor, I am Jazz, Sister Wives, This is Us, Shark Tank, Dateline, Superstore, and more. I also finished You seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix (crazy!) and have started Cheer. I am thinking of diving into The Good Place next. Worth it? Oh, and of course, Miss Americana (Taylor Swift's documentary) was amazing!

-Teacher Pinspiration--This fall was so busy at school....Getting used to updated benchmarks, a new set of kiddos, craziness at home like moving etc, I found myself reaching back into my old files and lesson plans again and again and that can get boring. I've been making more of an effort the last few weeks to update some things, find some new games and activities, and increasing the amount of time my kids do hands on tasks. Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers are life savers! How did we ever teach without them?!

disclaimer: not me, lol 
-After Shower Wrap: Can we chat for a sec about a legit issue? What the heck do you wear between hopping out of the shower and getting dressed for the day? Some people might say, uhh, nothing, but Sometimes I like to go downstairs, grab a bite to eat and a cup of coffee....and I mean, clothing is preferred. I'll usually put on a robe, or even a t shirt and pj pants. Enter the terry cloth shower wrap that I discovered at Target (where else?). It only cost $7 and it's the perfect thing to put on while I blow dry my hair, put on makeup, or sip some coffee and check my email after the shower. It's the little things, right?

-Alexa: Our new house came with some tech features like a "smart" doorbell, security features, etc. Part of that included an Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Even though I'm still not convinced we aren't being listened to by the CIA or something, I've actually really started to like having it! We don't have it set up to turn on lights or anything like that, but I asked on my Instagram stories what people use Alexa most for and lots of people said timers and music. I've been loving the music! Hank has already figured out, "Alexa, play Frozen" or "Alexa, play Baby Shark." I love asking for Jazz or Mumford and Sons mainly. AJ likes asking it for sports scores. I'm not sure I'd have guessed how much we'd actually use it.

-Toddlerhood: What is there to say really? I am enjoying having actual conversations with Hank, listening to the new phrases and words he learns, reading books, coloring and playing outside. Two year olds are basically small opinionated tornadoes. One minute Hank's hanging from the bathroom sink, dumping out blocks, and stepping on Goldfish crackers, and the next minute he plants a big kiss on me and says earnestly, "Wuv you, mommy." He's no longer a baby but a busy active, kid with a sweet heart and a gleam of mischief in his eye. It's beautiful and exhausting and I'm really loving it lately.

Have a super happy week and remember,
Savor Your Sparkle,

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