Sunday, February 23, 2020

This & That

Hey there! It's been a hot minute since I've blogged. Remember THIS post about living in the now? Well, I've been busy living and loving life! But I do always love checking in on the blog and documenting what we've been up to for memory's sake.  I have lots of pictures and randomness for you today.

This school year is flying by! We have spring conferences in just a few weeks and we already celebrated the 100th Day of School. I've had fun lately getting my spring lessons ready and also panicking a bit about squeezing everything in before the end of the year!
being 100 on the 100th day!

candy heart graphing....a classic! 

Hank started swim lessons and it's been so fun experiencing something new with him. We visited the Museum of Ancient Life (or as Hank calls it, "Dino Mooseem") and had fun there.

 We are enjoying getting even more settled into our new house. We have a backsplash installation scheduled for this spring (after an instagram story poll, I decided to go with a professional instead of tackling it on my own!) and we are excited to get our yard put in as the days get warmer. I just love the views from our area and am so thankful to have more space!!!

How fun is this toilet paper holder my talented Father in Law made? I love it! 
Remember when I used to be a morning gym person? Ugh, guys. I've hit a roadblock of being so unmotivated at the gym. I joined a hot yoga type studio but since it won't open for a few weeks, I joined the local rec center. I enjoy walking on the track and lifting weights, but I need a little omph to my workouts. I am going to try and get back in the habit of becoming a morning gym person...maybe with it getting lighter sooner it'll help?? 

I am totally invested in this season of The Bachelor and am rooting for Madison....for Bachelorette! I love some good reality TV (I'm also enjoying Sister Wives this season) 

I have 2 other totally random things to share with you. First, I get really really really terrible bloody noses. It started a few years ago and after visiting an Ear Nose and Throat doctor last year, he determined it was most likely dry air. They went away for a while but returned with a vengeance recently. After doing some reading and chatting with friends, I decided to try a 2 part prevention routine. One, I put aquaphor ointment in my nose abour 4 times a day and two, I sleep with a cool mist humidifier. So far, it seems to be working! I only had one bloody nose last week. I really hated the old humidifier we had because it made our bedroom feel like the Amazon. This cool mist one though is perfect and actually feels almost like a little fan. Just passing it along in case you, like me, had no idea they made cool humidifers. You learn something new everyday!

The other random thing, is this cute Teddy Toast I saw on Pinterest and made for Hank and I. Isn't it fun? He's taken a real interest in cooking and it takes some flexibility for my Type-A mindset, but it's fun (mostly) having a little helper in the kitchen. 

Have a great week ahead....I'm off to relax with some popcorn (yes, with some red vine nibs!) and a magazine. AMEN! 

Look out for my February Reads post coming this week!!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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