Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Winter Break

I love Hank's goofy grin here 

It's my first post of 2020! Happy New Year! I decided to kick off this year on the blog with a winter break recap. School doesn't begin until next week, so we are still on break, but the next few days will be busy doing house stuff (We move this month!), so I figured it'd be a good time to write about the holiday break. The first couple days off, we totally relaxed. We all had little colds so it was nice to just chill. The last bit of school before break went really well, but AJ and I were both exhausted. We did go to the aquarium to see the scuba diving Santa. It was super cute.

We made our traditional overnight French Toast bake on Christmas Eve, went to church and heard a beautiful message about how God is always with us, and went to bed early, eager for Santa's arrival. 

Santa left Hank his big gift in the garage---a Paw Patrol car. Hank had a great time driving all around the garage on Christmas morning (it was snowy and freezing out so it hasn't made its sidewalk debut yet). We went over to my parents house that afternoon and had a fun evening celebrating together. 

The next morning we boarded our flight to Oregon to visit AJ's family (and our third Christmas celebration, haha). 
Hank had his morning milk in the airport in a Starbucks cup 

Hank was a champ on the 90 minute flight---snacks, coloring, books, music, more snacks, cars etc. 

Hank looks like he's 25 here. 

I always need my Oregon Dutch Bros! 
We had such a fun time in Oregon. AJ and I went to visit the cute town of Sisters one morning, we went to the movies and saw Knives Out (we liked it), and enjoyed plenty of relaxing. One of our Christmas gifts was tickets to see "The Michael Jackson Experience" in Bend. The impersonator looked so much like Michael and he put on a great show. We also visited the High Desert Museum. Hank loves exploring with his grandparents. 

 We got to visit with some friends and their kids. It's so fun to see how quickly kids grow up when you only see them a few times a year! AJ and I had this idea to do a pizza challenge when we visited Oregon so I made up report cards and we brought all the entries home and got to tasting and rating. The winner was....Abby's pizza! AJ's bro Matt introduced us to a new game called Code Names. We played many rounds of this fun game.

Code Names 
This was such a wonderful break to cap off a wonderful year. I am so excited for new beginnings in 2020! 

Savor Your Sparkle,

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