Saturday, December 21, 2019

Life Lately

Best Christmas song ever. I cannot stop listening to Nichole Nordeman's Christmas album. So good! 
There's been lots of life lately so I thought I'd do a good ol' caption post. Here we go! There's no particular order because apparently that's how I'm rolling these last 2 weeks of 2019.
Polar Express Day! Got my jammies and my train ticket! I love 1st Grade. 

Just chillin on Grandpa's legs watching 90 Day Fiancee. AJ and I feel strongly about only exposing Hank to wholesome quality entertainment content, clearly. 

Birthday Boy requested "dips" for his birthday dinner, so that means Chick-fil-A where sauce abounds 

The beautiful tree at Hank's Christmas show

I had no idea Hank would be a lamb in the school show until we saw him. coming down the aisle with his class. It was one of most precious moments I've ever seen. 

After the Nativity portion of the show, the kids sang Frosty but Hank was not feeling it, so he came to sit by mama and daddy. 

His new cheeseball face 

A few weeks ago we went with my parents to visit Santa at city hall. It was a coooold night but the big guy was worth it. 

This getting dark at 5:00 thing needs to stop (and it will, praise Jesus). I reallllly miss afternoon park/walk times. I was able to squeeze in a tiny one last week. 

We taught Hank all about the amazingness of Mickey cakes! 

AJ's friend is an assistant college girls basketball coach and his team was playing UVU so we went to the game a few weeks ago 

The Bohemian is probably our fave local restaurant and these 2 made lovely dates

Hank loves "Gamma" 

Trying to warm up as we wait in line for Santa

This shirt popped up on my Etsy ads and I immediately added it to my cart. One day he can pick his own clothes. Today is not that day. 

Telling Santa he wants "PawPaw" (something Paw Patrol) 

My sis and I got coffee and went to a winter craft market last weekend.

December has been a blur of festive fun! And now......I am officially on Christmas break!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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