Saturday, November 30, 2019

Thankful and Festive

Hello There!
   This post is some life lately for ya in that crazy festive time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We had a wonderful break and a lovely Thanksgiving with family. Thankful doesn't really scratch the surface, honestly. It's special to have some extra time off to slow down and appreciate all we have been given. 

AJ's brother Matt flew in from Denver the weekend before Thanksgiving and AJ's parents drove from Oregon and it was a fun weekend all together! Matt and I did some shopping, we ordered pizza in, went for a chilly walk, relaxed, and just hung out together. Hank adores his Uncle Matt and since he left, Hank's been walking around requesting his presence. 

The two days of school before Thanksgiving break were a whirlwind of a classroom got new carpet finally, I got all decorated for winter, and I got to do my pilgrim butter making lesson with all 150 or so 1st graders. I just love teaching during the holidays. It's crazy town, but it sure is fun! It was also snowy out so I carpooled with my sweetheart both days (AJ got music control, but I got a coffee stop on the way. #compromise) 

AJ and I went on a date Tuesday evening and other than that, we just hung out and got caught up on random things. On Thanksgiving we went to my parents house and all enjoyed the lovely meal together. I love that our 2 families come together for Thanksgiving. Next year I offered to host. Ahhhhh! Hank is in love with his Aunt Libby and asked for her the entire drive to their house. 

I found this printable on Pinterest so I attached it to mini bags of M&M's to play after dinner. 
By the end of the evening, Hank was so done. Lol. We packed him his Christmas pj's to change into so he could sleep in the car. But he didn't. He'd rather chat with "Gandma" and "Gampa" Haha. 

On Black Friday, AJ and I hit the stores bright and early to do some furniture shopping. We had shopping success and were home before 11 to say goodbye to his parents and put our Christmas decorations out! (Speaking of Black Friday, Santa discovered Kohls black Friday sale started online on the 25th so Santa went ahead and placed an order, avoiding having to fight people for a play kitchen at midnight. Crisis averted). 

Hank is ALL ABOUT the holidays this year and on Monday we are going to meet Santa. He talks about Santa all the time and loves lights and decorations. I want to make a point to demonstrate to him that Christmas isn't JUST about all that stuff, but all the "holiday-ness" sure does make our days merry and bright. In our boxes of Christmas decorations, I came across the stocking the hospital gave us to wrap Hank in since he was born just a week before Christmas. So sweet. I've been enjoying our tree(s) this year and posted this on my social media:
 Watching The Grinch with my guys while the snow falls. ❄️ We went low key this year and instead of a real tree like we normally get, we “borrowed” the 3 mini trees that decorate Hank’s lumberjack nursery all year long. These ornaments just get me every year....the way they narrate our story in sweet colorful hanging bursts. We’ve got the standard nativities, Santas, crosses, angels, monograms, home states, alma maters, thoughtful gifts from friends, beloved mascots, and sparkly stars. There’s “We’re Engaged,” “Our first home,” honeymoon souvenirs and gift shop goodness from near and far. We’ve got crowns for our Princess, H’s for our two babies, a Harley for Hadley, a guitar for Coco, a Starbucks red cup, plenty of teacher themed ones and more and more. It doesn’t all fit into one theme or color scheme but it’s our story wearing its holiday finest and I love it so much.

This was another great holiday week for the books. I'm still working on my goal of Creation Over Consumption, especially with holiday gatherings, Hank's birthday, wrapping, planning, gifting, and more on the horizon. I'm so grateful for it ALL. That includes this fun little corner of the internet. Thank you for reading, commenting, and being present in this space. I know blogging is sort of a bygone thing, but I still enjoy recording memories and making connections. Thank you for being here.

Savor Your Sparkle,

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