Saturday, November 9, 2019

Life Lately: HME edition

Hi There,
   It's been a minute! I'm back on the 'ol blog with a life lately post for ya! I really really really miss putting pen to paper (err, hands to keyboard?) and writing. I've been feeling like it's been missing from my life lately and guess what one of the pages on my daily calendar was this week...."Make time for your writing. It's important." Okkk, universe, I got you, mama's listening.
  Full disclosure, I've felt like a bit of the conductor of the Hot Mess Express ever since we've returned from Hawaii. We've had a ton going on, notably our house is for sale! Ahhhh, it's true! We're building a home in Herriman, which is about 10 minutes away. However, it's contingent on our current house selling and we went on the market November 1st. We have truly loved this little place and hope it will be the perfect spot for its new owners. Keeping the house "show ready" with a toddler is FEAT, ya'll.
Hank and I dancing in our upstairs loft! 
Other things contributing to my ride on the Hot Mess Express (HME): I was hit with a random awful 24 bug during Halloween week (I'll spare you the deets, but I think I said "I feel like I'm dying" no less than a dozen times and even the very full DVR didn't provide solace), I've been putting the finishing touches on my math class project for the semester, my school is getting new carpet installed in all the classrooms (don't even talk to me about it), parent teacher conferences were last week, and ya know, just general adulting. That said, I did have yesterday off and it was just what I needed. Hank, my sister, Libby and I spent the morning visiting a new coffee shop, I napped when Hank did, and then went shopping for some winter gear for Hank.

This boy loves himself a happy meal. Mom was happy to oblige. 

AND.....Starbucks holiday cups/drinks debuted on Thursday! I haven't missed a Christmas launch in years and of course hit it up bright and early Thursday morning. While in line with the other bleary eyed Starbucks/Christmas fanatics, I just felt this great sense of community. The manager came out with gingerbread cake for everyone, people were extra nice to the incredible baristas, we were all swooning over the new seasonal ornaments and cups. It felt like the jolliest, sweetest stop aboard the HME yet. Maybe it was worth being about 1 red light from being late to school. Ha.

We had a super fun Halloween. We took Hank to the Harvest Fest/Trunk or Treat at his school and he was the cutest little Boss Baby I ever did see! On Halloween night, my family came over with dinner and held down the fort while we took Hank around the block. Hank made out like a bandit and despite us allowing him only one piece a day, his stash is significantly dwindled (she typed...while eating a handful of gummy bears).
I found his suit on KSL and ordered the tie and aviators on Amazon. I made his briefcase from a graham cracker box! 

I was Pete the Cat! This was my 3rd time being Pete. It's alllll good. 

"Talk to me" 

That smile SLAYS me

Hank loved throwing around his candy and putting it in and out of the bowl 

Halloween is hard work. Boss Baby needs some R &R 

Halloween with the G'rents
We have been soaking in as much fall as we can. I love few things as much as I love a stroller walk with my guys.

I really love my class this year. We had lots of seasonal fun reading with our "witch fingers" and doing candy corn math. Seasonal teaching is the best! Gearing up for making pilgrim butter this month and Gingerbread Day and Polar Express day next month! 

The Hot Mess Express isn't the worst place to be. Life's crazy because I spend my day with some pretty rad little humans, we're gearing up for some chaos because we're fortunate to be moving (fingers crossed) to a house with more space, toddlerhood is messy, and crazy, but hilarious and sweet. My heart swells every time Hank says a new word (even if it's repeating the "sh"word just like mom. Whoops).  We've just got lots to do, love, and be. All aboard, folks!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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