Saturday, October 5, 2019

Grocery Finds

I need to apologize in advance because grocery store finds isn't exactly riveting blog content, but here we are. The truth is, I love reading "haul" posts on other blogs (Sephora, Amazon, Trader Joes, Costco etc) so I decided to share some of my fave grocery goodies as of late. I usually do Smith's Clicklist (I should really work for them with how often I sing its praises and recommend others try it) every week. I know if I actually got my behind into the physical store, I could find lots more goodies. I want to try and pop in the store at least a few times a month too. Here are some recent faves....

Just Crack An Egg: I am a huge breakfast eater. I don't understand people who are like "I'm just not hungry in the morning." I could eat a legit omelette feast every morning. These little guys are so amazing and so convenient. You just crack an egg in the cup and then add the packaged toppings inside (I like the one with sausage, peppers, and cheese). Then you stir it all up and microwave for a minute. Delicious cheesy scramble in just a minute!

Kraft Snack Funs Trios: I pack Hank a lunch twice a week when he goes to school. I usually go with an Uncrustable as his "main" item, but Hank loves these little things too. They come in lots of varieties, but Hank likes the one with little waffle pieces (basically a crushed up waffle cone), dried strawberries, and cheese cubes.

Nut Pods Creamer: I love creamer in my coffee. As Jen Hatmaker says to those who drink it black, "Enjoy you hot bean water." This is a dairy free creamer that tastes just as creamy and delicious as the real thing. It's made with a blend of nut milks, and very little sugar. It comes in vanilla and hazelnut flavors.

Mini Sweet Peppers: These aren't exactly a new discovery, but I've been adding them to my cart almost every week. I love them dipped in hummus or just plain. They are the perfect snack on the go or addition to lunch.

Tessa Mae Honey Mustard: I used to hate honey mustard. Hate. It. But for some reason in my wiser '30's, I have discovered its greatness. This brand is popular for its "Whole 30 approved" dressings, so I picked up their honey mustard on a whim. It's amazing. I like adding it to a turkey sandwich, but it's good as a dip too.

Nature's Path Pumpkin Spice Waffles: One of my favorite parts of online grocery shopping is the ability to filter my search. Not only is there a special fall section, but I can search "Pumpkin" and all the gourd goodness fill my screen. These guys are gluten free (I am not), but they are so spicy and cinnamony and amazing. Hank loves them too.

Bark Thins: I need to keep a little chocolate in the house at all times. These fit the bill. I adore dark chocolate and love how a piece or 2 (or 8) satisfies my sweet tooth. I love the coconut and salted versions.

Simple Truth Freeze Dried fruit individual packs: This summer I got really into buying freeze dried fruit. It's super convenient and won't spoil like fresh fruit. These freeze dried fruit variety packs are perfect lunch box items for Hank. I prefer fresh fruit, but Hank treats these as a delicacy so I'll keep buying.

Epic Meat Bars: Ok, so I will admit these seemed weird and gross to me at first, but I love them! Costco needs to get them, because I think they are a bit pricey as is. Basically it's a fancier piece of jerky. I've been trying to incorporate more protein in my diet and what's better than a convenient hunk of meat? Ok, I am not doing a great job at selling these, but trust me, they are yummy (if you can get past the fact that you are eating a shelf stable meat bar).

Sweet Potato Chips: I need chips sometimes. I just do. These are so good and taste more "chip-y" to me than those Terra vegetable chips. These are definitely a new grocery fave.

Tillamoos: I love these little individual cheese squares. They are definitely more affordable from Costco than buying at the regular store. I like to throw them in lunches, or have one for a snack with some crackers or an Epic Bar. I thought it was just my hubby's Oregon heritage, but it's true, Tillamook cheese really is the best. (Sidenote the farmhouse sharp cheddar shreds.....100 emoji).

RX Bar Maple Sea Salt: I typically like Lara Bars over RX bars, but this flavor. Guys, IT IS SO GOOD. It basically tastes like a salted piece of pecan pie. I adore these as a morning snack. Fall/mapley/nutty/sweet/salty goodness? Yes. Please.

What grocery finds are you loving lately?!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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