Monday, September 2, 2019


 Hi There,
    Can I get an AMEN for a bonus day off?! Thank you, labor day! I've got lots of life lately photos to share and I'm doing this post in caption form. Here we go!
We love the aquarium 

This face SLAYS me. 

So we got a pet. Sort of. If a beta counts. This little lady is named Barbara. We got the fish food pellets that last a whole week (because #lazy) and all in, animal plus habitat, we were looking at around $10 so no one tell Hank that other families have dogs and cats and things, mmmkay? 
The County Library was hosting a chalk art festival and the talent was amazing

This one was my fave

I mean. Look at those colors. With sidewalk chalk. Mind blown

Saturday evening we went to a local Greek place where I got these green bean fries that I'm currently obsessed with 

My dudes
Just sitting in the front yard with a Starbucks iced water. As one does. 

Today we hit up the pool for the last time this season! Until 2020...

We are fitting in as much park/outside time as we possibly can. 
Aunt Libby, Hank, and Joe. We had the fam over Sunday evening for spaghetti and meatballs
Hank and Joe are pals

Libby had a rare weekend evening off of work! Yay! 

September 1st arrived and I just felt compelled to put out fall decos. Sue me

One of these days we will have a legit mantle. In the meantime, I will seasonally attack this tiny one. 

The new pumpkin cream cold brew from Starbucks is a legit game changer. I've had three this week.
I'm really enjoying my class this year but going back to work for the fall is always a bit jarring in a family of two teachers. Our days are busy and there's plenty of juggling, but we're enjoying this season of life that we are in. We have plenty of fun things, family visits, and vacation to look forward to this fall. 
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