Monday, July 29, 2019

Road Trip Recap Part 2

Ok, here we go for our next installment. Here's Part 1 if you want to check that out!
Hank was a super star with sleeping in various Pack and Plays in hotels but I think the time change (just 1 hour) might have thrown him for a loop because he was up at 5 AM after our first night in Spokane. Yikes! We threw on some clothes and got to the hotel breakfast before it even opened at 6:30! Haha, and I was worried we might sleep through it! Being in a hotel room with a toddler is no joke (running feet, slamming doors, lack of baby proofing) so we decided to take shifts to get ready for the day. Once I was ready, I strapped Hank in the stroller and we walked to campus while AJ got ready for the day. It was cool and peaceful on campus that early in the morning. AJ met us on campus and we drove to another Spokane fave: Manito Park and Rockwood Bakery!
We're ready #6:20AM 

The new athletic center is amazing. This is the John Stockton area 

Rockwood muffins for all! 

By this time, we felt like we'd put in a whole day but it was only 9:30. Lol, thank you morning greeter, Hank. We met up with my friend Marie downtown and the 4 of us went to Riverfront Park. Hank was living his best life running around, riding the carousel, and then we all rode on the Spokane Falls Gondola! 

The gondola ride over the falls

After all that fun, all of us were pretty tuckered out and we knew Hank was more than ready for a nap. AJ and Hank headed back to the hotel to chill and Marie and I went to lunch and walked around exploring how much the downtown area of Spokane had changed. It was so delightful chatting and catching up! And the mini donut shop we stumbled on didn't hurt either! 

Marie and I headed to her house and we continued chatting and visiting. I finally got to meet her two precious pups! AJ, Hank, and Marie's hubby met us at the house and we all headed to a pub for dinner. So fun! The next morning we left early and headed to OREGON!!! We visit Oregon about twice a year and it was fun this time taking a different route there than usual. We were in central Oregon by early afternoon. AJ and I proceeded to nap for the next few days while his parents took care of Hank. Not really...but almost. Lol. 

Some backyard relaxation at Grandma and Grandpa's 

Hank has such a special relationship with both sets of grandparents and I love watching our families interact with him. On Saturday we took Hank to this amazing park in town and that evening, AJ and I went on a date and saw "Yesterday." We loved the movie and loved having a night out. I'm pretty sure Gramps and Grams had just as much fun doing water fun with Hankers at home! 

 The next day (Sunday), we packed up and headed to Medford to visit AJ's extended family and AJ's brother Matt met us there too. It was fun to visit with family and meet some family I had never met before. AJ's Grandma got to celebrate having all of her grandkids and great grandkids in one place.
Veggie Straws---a road trip fave!

Stretching our legs at a beautiful rest area on the way to Medford

AJ and his Oregon cousins and Grandma

All the Steeles

Just some cheddar lovin'

The next day, we explored Ashland a bit and walked around some cute shops. We drove back to Redmond (about 4 hours) and ended the day at our very favorite Mexican restaurant. Whew! A few more days left of our trip in the next recap. 

lots of cute shops like this one in downtown Ashland 

Uncle Matty

Thanks for following along!

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