Sunday, July 28, 2019

Road Trip Recap Part 1

We're baaaaack! We returned on Friday from our TEN day road trip to Montana, Washington, and Oregon. We had SO much fun and I think this might be my favorite road trip we've taken to date. Hank was a ROCK STAR and rolled with the punches and was just such a good sport. We logged a lot of miles, AJ drove every single one (thanks, babe!), and we saw some of the people we love the most in the world! It was wonderful. I'm thinking it'll take 3 posts to recap this vaycay. Lots of photos coming at ya, you've been warned!

We hit the road bright and early on a Tuesday morning, and after a stop at Starbucks, we were on the highway! We drove about 3 hours to Idaho Falls where our dear friend Kandi recently moved to. It was a great spot to catch up with her, grab a coffee, and let Hank run around a bit. We wish Kandi lived back in the Beehive State, but it was so great to see her.

We love Kandi!

Hank always reminds us to stop and smell the flowers! 
We rolled into Helena in the afternoon after a super pretty drive. We were heading through Helena to split up the long drive to Spokane, but mostly to see one of my besties, Katie, and her cute family! Katie and I last saw each other at my wedding but we've maintained frequent communication, chatting on the phone and texting often. She's a friend for life and our sweet kiddos had never met! We needed to rectify that! Katie is SUCH a champ that she had her second baby, a son named Zeke, just 2 days after we were in Helena. But even at the very end of pregnancy, her and her hubby hosted us for a BBQ. It was such a blessing so spend time together and have our babies meet. We hit the road early the next morning (after an amazing snickerdoodle latte at Katie's coffee shop recommendation) to begin our journey to Spokane. 
My heart! 

We experienced some chilly weather on the way and it was sort of cozy in the car. We were getting hungry around Coeur d'Alene and decided to stop for a bite to eat and to walk around. We ate at a delish burger place and strolled around by the lake. It was SO COLD. I threw Hank's sweatshirt in the car as an afterthought and I was so glad I did. We didn't stay too terribly long as it started to rain. We took cover at this adorable cafe. Then it was less than an hour until Spokane! 
Excited to be out of the car! 

Many nuggets were consumed on this trip lol

The demise of the nugget

The last time I was in Spokane was for my friend Marie's wedding 6 years ago. Some of my fondest memories are of my time as a Gonzaga student and it was so special to share it with my guys. Hank was out like a light after all that running around in Coeur D'Alene so he and AJ chilled in the car for a bit while I popped into St. Al's where I used to work in college and I got to surprise Miss Marta  We bought some merch, walked the campus, and I acted like an old lady saying things like, "In my day, we had to leave campus to go to Starbucks now they're everywhere!" The campus has changed a lot, but it's enough the same to still be super special. 

Our senior year house---it was getting a new roof! 

Never thought trudging across this field as a student that ten years later, my hubby and son would be playing chase right here. Full circle....full heart! 

One of the FEW Buckys on campus....these kids, privilegd I tell ya. 
We checked into our hotel and after chilling for a bit, went to my FAVE college restaurant, Pete's Pizza, for some calzones. They tasted just as delicious as I remembered. We even stopped by the college Safeway and instead of buying junk food and wine like the olden days, we bought some milk for Hank! Haha. 
Our room on the river. And we lucked out and got a free suite upgrade. Two rooms for those two nights was amazing! 

The next day was a NO TRAVEL day (Yippee!) and a chance to visit with one of my very favorite people, my friend Marie. Stay tuned for more of the adventure! 

Savor Your Sparkle,

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