Saturday, June 15, 2019

This Summer Kinda Style: Guest post!

Hi, Readers! First of all, I want to thank you for your kind words, thoughts, texts etc. on Hadley's birthday. It all means so much to us. We made it through the day and we love honoring and celebrating our girl. Anyway.....My sister has a super cute blog called UT Caffeine Queen and we did a little blog switcheroo this week. Libby wrote all about summer style for me and next week I'll be sharing the post I wrote for her space. So without further ado....enjoy this awesome guest post! Thanks, Libby!

Hi! I’m Leslie’s sister, Libby, and I’m here to give you some style inspo for the summer. It’s June, which means it’s finally time to shed the sweaters, swap out our boots for sandals and soak up the sun (with heavy SPF, of course). Maybe it’s because I lived in Arizona for a few years, or because I always go “iced” with my coffee order, but I think summer is the time to THRIVE. Longer days, warmer nights - what’s not to love?

So for This Sunday Kinda Love, I put together three outfit ideas for your summer festivities, because one of the best parts of the season is breaking out that warm-weather gear that’s been stashed away in the closet through all those snowy months. I’ve also got some body-positivity tips for swimsuit shopping, because there is just too much fun to be had this summer to let anything stand in your way.

Look 1

Wear it for: Shopping, hanging at a coffee shop, meeting up with friends

Let’s face it: When it’s hot, you want to be comfortable. Boxy tees are very on-trend (a stroll through the Target clothing department or any mall store is all the confirmation you need of this fact), with high necklines and a slight crop at the bottom. It’s also very “in” to wear your heart on your sleeve - er, on the front of your t-shirt. Band tees, cute slogans, movie references - if there’s any time to bust out your favorite merch and show the world what you love, this is it. In my fantasy world, I casually drink cappuccinos with the Friends gang at Central Perk, so I’ve been rocking this tee from Target on my casual summer days. High-waisted shorts are also a perfect pairing with these cropped shirts. Accessorize with basic sneakers, natural makeup and retro accessories, and you’re set for wherever the day takes you.

Look 2

Wear it for: Hitting the pool or beach to swim… or just to tan

Is any summer complete with taking a dip then laying on a chaise lounge as the sun soaks up the water droplets on your skin? A low-maintenance look is key for a day of splashing in the sun, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cute. Swimsuit shopping can be a dreaded task, and I could probably devote a whole post to it. But I’ve found the key is to find a swimsuit you’re truly excited about. I spotted this pastel pink one at Target and got so excited about it because it totally felt like something Barbie would wear if she were a lifeguard. I didn’t have time to think about the fact that I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model because I was so busy thinking about how adorable this suit is.

Another tip: Buy your actual size! Tons of stores sell tops and bottoms separately so you can get the perfect fit. In order to be comfortable, don’t be afraid to go up or down a size from what you typically are. A final idea: Keep in mind that no one at the pool is judging you. You’re there to have fun, not impress some randos! Confidence truly is the best accessory. Finish off the look with some comfy shorts (or a fun romper) to wear over your adorable, well-fitted suit, and you’re all set for a poolside day. Don’t forget the sunscreen and shades!

Look 3

Wear it for: Going to the farmer’s market, brunch

One summer event I’m stoked for (did I just say stoked? Guess the summer vibes have hit me already) is the farmer’s market. Strolling through aisles and aisles of fresh produce and friendly vendors as the sun shines? Sign me up! This look is still comfortable and casual, but feels just dressed up enough for a quaint weekend outing. I am personally psyched that jumpers are back in style. I love any ensemble where denim plays a big role, and they’re a more down-to-earth option when you feel like an actual dress is just a little too much. Layer a cropped stretchy tee underneath and add delicate jewelry to modernize the look. Don’t forget a roomy tote bag to hold all your wares. Happy exploring!

The key to style in these sizzling months is to keep it comfortable. It’s a prime time to try out new trends (and not have to cover up with a bulky coat), but also wear what you feel great in so you can focus on the real purpose of summer: To have fun!

Thanks for having me, This Sunday Kinda Love readers! Follow along on my adventures discovering new coffee shops at   

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