Monday, June 10, 2019

That Summer Kinda Life

We are one week into summer and the Steeles are here. for. it! AJ returned yesterday from 8 days of AP test grading in Cincinnati and Hank and I missed him so much! It's so great to have him back. In his absence we kept busy and I tried to get in some relaxation too. We have visited the splash pad, pool, aquarium, started Kindermusic class,  went for many walks, went to the mall, spent time with family and friends, and hung out. I so appreciate my parents and sis helping me out and giving me some breaks to hit the gym etc.! Single parenting a toddler is no joke. I love having summers to experience stay at home mama life. Here's picture overload coming at ya.....

Grandma came to the splash pad with us

My sis and I took him to the mall last week and I made the mistake of showing Hank this stuffed avocado. He would not let it go and snuggled it right away. So I had to buy it. Lol. He LOVES this thing. 

 We must have watched Coco at least 5 times. Hank loves this movie and so do I!

Breakfast with Grandpa! 

Farmers Marketing 
Daddy and Hank together again.....
We gave AJ his Fathers Day present a week early so he can use it on the golf course this week! I was confused, as a non golfer, why he wanted essentially a stroller for clubs, but he tells me this is legit. Haha. 
We are savoring these sweet summer days and do not take them for granted. 

Happy summer to you!
Savor Your Sparkle,

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