Friday, June 28, 2019

Storybrook Cafe

Hi Friends!
   I'm so excited to share with you today a mom's dream!

 Ok....picture the following:

-tons of toys--like buckets and baskets full
-play houses galore!
-Kiddie cars/shopping carts/rocking horses etc.
-a book nook with tons of giant stuffed animals
-a princess castle with lots of dress up options
-a toddler ball pit
-a theater room for movie parties
-a giant pirate ship-ahoy!
-a sensory room with art supplies

and for mamas---
-a quiet nursing room/baby sleeping area
-adorable decor
-fun baby boutique items for sale
-easy peasy fun birthday party packages
-comfy couches and a place to socialize with other moms while your kiddos have a blast?

This place is not just a mom's fantasy while she lies on the floor of her living room covered in messy toys and books while her toddler tries to ride on her sore back like a rodeo cowboy and her coffee is sitting in the keurig still getting cold....just me??

This Mom and Kid paradise is real and goes by the name Storybrook Cafe and while it's been a Salt Lake Valley institution for years, it's recently moved locations to further south in Sandy! (All the suburban moms say amen!)

Hank and I recently went to visit the new location with some pals last week and we had so much fun! The owners were chatting with me about how to spread the word about their new spot and I was all, "let me tell my blog friends!"

Honestly, this place is a mom (and kids'!) dream place. It's a magical wonderland of OTHER TOYS (Why are someone else's play things way more intriguing than their own??) and an adorable little spot for parents to chill, socialize, and sip some coffee. We went before their official grand opening, so the coffee bar wasn't up and running yet, but it will be soon.

And it wasn't until after we got there that I found out they do Parent Nights Out with 4 hours of fun and dinner provided for only $25. Umm, yes please. Speaking of cost, admission is $8.95 per child for a day pass. A small price to pay for hours of fun. Plus, it's fun for the kids to have playmates so you can grab some girlfriends and visit together, let your child play with new friends you meet there, or just chill and play with your cutie kiddo on your own.

I want to give a shoutout to the cute momtrepreneur owners of this place who saw a need for mamas and kiddos in the south end of the valley and made this dream a reality. Check out their website HERE or better yet, come see them in person at 688 E. Union Square in Sandy (in the strip mall across from the dollar movies on 7th E and 94th S).

See you at Storybrook Cafe!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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