Thursday, June 20, 2019

Life Lately/ What I'm Loving Lately

Hi There,
  Today I decided to do a combo blog post....Life Lately and then some of What I'm Loving Lately!

We are savoring these June days! In a few weeks I start my summer course for my math endorsement and we are heading on our road trip in the later part of summer, so these are the wonderful at home summer days that I love! We have been having fun on outings to the zoo, farmers markets, the children's museum, the pool, the splash pad, the aquarium, library, parks, and walks.

I never really appreciated before all the wonderful things there are for kids to do in Utah! I've been reading a lot, getting in some good workouts, visiting new coffee shops, hanging with friends and family, and ya'll know I love a good summer nap.

For AJ's birthday this year I got us tickets to see Alabama in concert. AJ "schooled" me on vintage country to get ready and we had a great time.

What I'm Loving Lately---I've got a random assortment for you today.

Native Shoes: Ok, so I've been hearing about these shoes for a while and have been hesitant because the $35 price tag for toddler shoes. Umm, no. But when my in laws came to town, my mother in law said she wanted to buy Hank a pair. And you know what? Much like my Tieks, the price is oh so worth it. Hank wears these pretty much every single day. They are supportive like a sneaker, but no socks are needed and they just slip on. Game changer. These are a major "love it" item for this summer.

-Costco Protein Bars: Why oh why have I never had these before? They are delicious and are much more filling than an RX or Lara Bar. For busy days, these are a must have item in my purse. The cookie dough ones are my fave.

-Songland: AJ and I are really into this show on NBC. Basically contestants present songs they wrote to an artist and then with the help of professionals, the songs get tweaked and then the famous singer (Kelsey Ballerini, Jonas Bros were the last 2 episodes), records the song. It's a great summer competition show with really great tunes.

-Planting: So we decided not to plant a veggie patch (the space we have is much smaller than would constitute calling it a "garden") because a few summers ago the tomatoes we planted caused tons of bugs and ya'll know I can't deal with insects. Well....we were at Lowes the other day and I spotted some cucumber seeds, bought 'em, and planted them. I love cucumbers and buy them all the time, so maybe we'll have some of our own in a few weeks?
I saw these adorable pots on cute!

-Not working out at the crack of dawn: Toward the end of the school year i got really into early morning gym sessions. I still like to start my day with a workout but now I don't need to go to one of the first classes of the day. I can sleep in a little and still hit the gym in the morning. YES!

-Color Street Nails: Have you heard of these? These are like a much upgraded version of Jamberry nails. They are actual polish strips that you just adhere. They come in fun patterns and are easy peasy to apply. I still love a gel mani, but decided to let my nails "breathe" from gel for the month so these are a fun alternative. I had a lemon design last week and ordered fireworks ones too!

-This Crumbl Astrology chart: I texted this cute little chart from Crumbl's social media to my fam and just think it's fun. It's not my sign, but the sea salt nutella is definitely a fave of mine!

I hope everyone's having a fun summer and as Hank reminds us.....take time to stop and smell the flowers!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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