Tuesday, May 28, 2019

What I'm Loving Lately

Hi There,
   I love writing these "What I'm Loving Lately" posts. There's so much to love and be grateful for. Ready, set, go!

1. Obvi, #1 on this list is SUMMER
I am wrapping up a solid decade teaching 1st grade this week! Wowee, it's been a rollercoaster and sometimes I can't believe the path that led me here, and I am so thankful for another year in the books. (Side note--why are kids such angels when they clean?? My students love looking through my books to see which ones need repairs, dusting, testing markers etc. They adore it! I get a kick out of it every year!).  I love the cyclical nature of teaching and while it makes me sad to see my little ones move on, I adore wrapping things up, allowing myself to rest and recharge, and do it all over again. I am looking forward to summer break and all its adventures. Which leads me to...

2. Summer Reading---
There are so many great books out now and my holds list for the library is long! There's nothing like a great summer novel! Check out my May reads (and all my 2019 books so far) click HERE

3. Dead to Me:
I binge watched this show in about 3 days (it's 8 half hour episodes) and loved it. It was such a perfect mix of comedy, drama, suspense, and really great female leads. Christina Applegate is amazing in this. Highly recommend!

4. New Recipes---
I have been experimenting in the kitchen lately (well, not this week, my in laws are in town and my MIL is more than happy to take cooking duties for the week, so nice during this last bit of school!). I made this delish Mushroom Fettuccine and have my eye on some yummy new recipes to try this summer. Three words: Farmers. Market. Finds.

5. Dates---
With and without Hankers! It's nice to have grandparents in town and grandparents who come to visit so AJ and I can enjoy some much needed date nights. This past weekend we went and saw Book Smart (I liked it!) and dinner at our fave place. We've also taken a few "dates" recently with our little guy in tow. I pretty much go to sleep when Hank does so early nights are my jam!

6. Celebrating Hadley--June brings up all sorts of feels for me. I spent the first 2 weeks of June 2016 in the hospital and I can hardly believe our sweet girl was born THREE years ago. We went to visit her on Memorial Day and it was just super special. I posted this on my social media this week.

7. Hank's first train ride and baseball game

My fam treated us all to Bees tickets last week and fortunately, the rain held out! We took Trax (Hank loved it) and enjoyed the game. Hank is fiercely independent and he just walks around waving at strangers. He is very friendly. Haha. I love experiencing new "firsts" with our little man.

8. Summer travels---
We are road tripping for 9 days this summer to visit friends and family and I am so looking forward to it! I love a good road trip! And planning and anticipating a vacation is half the fun!

9. Philosophy Skin Care---
I am completely in love with the Purity line from Philosophy and have been diligently using it since December. My MOST fave new beauty product, which I think it's being discontinued (why is it always that way with cosmetics/skincare?!), is The Supernatural, it's a tinted SPF primer. I wear it after moisturizer and under bronzer. It gives some pretty coverage and since I'm getting deeper into my 30's, I needed to get serious about that SPF. BUT---it's all sold out on their website so now I'm on the hunt for a similar product. Any ideas?

I've got 3 days left of school and am just thankful for it all and ready to spend some more time with this dude!
 That's a bit of what I'm loving lately!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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