Monday, May 13, 2019

Life Lately

Hi There! It's been a minute since I've blogged! I always forget what a whirlwind May is! But we've got that "summer on the horizon" feeling,  we celebrated the amazing moms in our life this past weekend, we've been hanging with friends, teaching super fun units at school, and I am here for it all! I decided to make this post a caption one---lots of pics, plenty of captions! Ready, set, go!
What's your mom for if not to make you take embarrassing photos? 

Trying ice cream with Grandpa

Grocery pick up---part of my weekly routine and one of the greatest inventions of the modern age

In between spring rain storms, we've been trying to get outside as much as we can! 
Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa come over to play with Hankers! And Aunt Libby too! 

The pool has been uncovered! The surest sign of summer to come! 
I got jury duty a few weeks ago! It was SUPER interesting and I'm glad I wasn't chosen (it was a 3 day trial, no thanks). I spent from 8-2 at the downtown courthouse getting in some good reading time, people watching, being part of an evacuation thanks to the fire alarm, and seeing the inside of a courtroom live and in person...not on Dateline. I made sub plans for all 5 days so I was actually glad to use them one day. Just doing my civic duty, here, folks. 

Speaking of civic duty, I was concerned about the snack situation. 

I took my class outside for a spring writing activity and they loved it. I predict more of that in our future. 

Is it even spring if you don't get a nail art mani for the occasion? 

We field tripped! My team and I (and lots of brave parents) took all 125 first graders to the Museum of Ancient Life and a park. 

Water table fun! We went to a birthday party last week and Hank loved the water table so we had to get one. 

Splish splash
I've been wanting to try this burger place called Seven Brothers in Utah County. We went with some pals after exploring Thanksgiving Point Farm Country. It did not disappoint! 

My dudes and I 

Pure Joy

Hank is almost always pointing at something. Haha. 

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Savor Your Sparkle,

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