Sunday, April 28, 2019

Caterpillars, Crafts, and The Drop Out

As you can gather from the title of this post, this is a random one for you today! It's been a delightful spring and while we've had some wacky weather lately, there have been hints of summer in the air and I am here for it! I even wore a dress to school last week (I've been experimenting with self tanners. Send me your faves!). We're getting into some fun units in 1st flower planing and butterflies! We're reading, writing, and wrapping things up. Woohoo! We finished Charlotte's Web last week and it gets me every. time!! Hank was fascinated with the caterpillars that arrived. He loves loves loves animals. I'm looking forward to taking him to the zoo this summer.

The names they came up with were....interesting. Ten years of caterpillars and every single class has suggested the name Bob. 1st graders are my people. 

I've been getting back into my morning Boot Camp workouts and I feel so good when I get it done bright and early. My goals this week is all 5 days. Maybe if I write it here, I'll be more likely to not click that "snooze" button! 
Hank is 16 months old and the most fun little guy. He adores balls, bubbles, putting laundry in the basket, Paw Patrol, and PLANES! He is still a quesadilla man, but is also a fan of peanut butter toast, fruit snacks, green beans, and chicken nuggets. His summer clothes are adorbs (tanks and sandals....ahhhhh!) and we are ready for warmer days. 

waiting patiently for the garbage man

I tried a new Starbucks drink this week that I adored. It tastes like a cinnamon cookie. Order: a grande cold brew, light cream, 1 pump cinnamon, and 1 pump white mocha. A heavenly way to get that morning pick me up. 

Speaking of things I'm into, I saw a 20/20 episode about Elizabeth Holmes and her "company" Theranos and I was so fascinated. This podcast, The Drop Out, by ABC News, is so well done. It's only 6 episodes and I am almost finished. She's not very likable, but Elizabeth's ability to create a sham medical tech company is mind blowing. 

I made this cute sign at a craft activity with some friends. I think it turned out pretty cute! 

Finally, I wanted to reach out to you, the readers, to see what type of content you'd like to see more of: beauty, fashion, cute Hank pictures, our healing journey after loss, recipes, books, life lately? Let ya girl know! 

I hope everyone is having a lovely spring! 
Savor Your Sparkle,

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