Thursday, April 18, 2019

Break in Boise

It's spring break and the living is easy! So you know how I whined and complained about spring break being so late this year? (Well, I did). But, now I'm super thankful for that because spring break is always the perfect preview for summer time and summer break is now just 6 short weeks away! We spent the first couple days of break taking it easy and now we're getting some long overdue to do's completed and shopping and prepping for Easter brunch on Sunday. But earlier this week we hit the road for a 2 night stay in Boise. It was a fun little getaway and so great to visit with AJ's parents. So why Boise? Well, the first year after we got married we met AJ's parents there on a weekend. They live about 6 hours from there and we live about 5 so it's the perfect meeting spot in the middle. It's a cute town and allows all of us to have a visit with one another, not have to make the 11 hour trek, and it's a fun little city! (AJ and I visited ourselves for a concert a few years back. Click HERE to read about it).

For Christmas this year we gifted AJ's family a stay at this cute Airbnb in Boise. It was our first ever Airbnb experience and I was a fan! The cottage was super cute and in a great location for us to walk to places or just be a short drive away. It allowed us all to be together but we also had the privacy of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It was nice having the kitchen there too. It worked out well because AJ's mom and dad have a high chair and a pack and play for Hank so we had everything we needed. I'm not sure I'd stay in one if it was just AJ and I with Hank because hotels offer mini cribs, but for this ocassion, the Airbnb was perfect. I'd definitely stay there again.

We arrived on Monday afternoon and met up at the house and then headed downtown for lunch at the Boise Fry Company and to walk around.
These were so yummy! I went with homestyle red. 

Hank loves to "cheers." 

 Hank was EXHAUSTED by the afternoon, so we went back to the house and he napped while AJ and I walked to the cute Hyde Park area. We ended up walking for nearly 2 hours! There's some fun shops around there and some gorgeous homes. We stopped for coffees and arrived home just in time to beat the rain.

Hank got this cute bubble toy (among many other things) from his grandparents and had a blast playing with it! 

We relaxed that night, hung out, and picked up a pizza for dinner. We watched a little Netflix, then bedtime for all of us. The next morning, we headed to a place called Kid Planet, an indoor play place that had a toddler area for Hank to explore. He loved it! And we loved that the under 2 kiddos had their own area to play in.

 After Kid Planet, we stopped for lunch at a Mac and Cheese restaurant. I used Yelp so much on this trip and it led us here. It was yummy!

 Hank went back for a nap with the grandparents and AJ and I headed out to go to a few stores (and yours truly wanted to hit up Costco for some Kirkland wine. Ha!) and to have a little date afternoon. I love hanging with my guy (especially when Hankers gets in a good nap at the same time!).

This drink is called the Bowl of Soul from the coffee shop Java. It is a Mexican hot chocolate mocha (think cinnamon-y rich chocolate coffee flavor. I LOVE it). 
When we arrived back to the house, Hank was playing outside and the weather was beautiful! I pulled out our picnic blanket and read outside for about an hour. It was bliss! We relaxed and AJ and I even ended up taking a snooze (yay for grandparents, lol!).
The book I'm reading was INTENSE....look out for my April book review soon 

Staying at a house meant this little dude had plenty of places to explore and room to roam 
I used Yelp again to find a Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was a hit! But the best part was the connection Hank had with the waitress. Haha. Hank is a charmer and a flirt, and I can't quite tell who liked who more!
true love

After dinner we drove around and found this beautiful park. It was getting close to Hank's bedtime but we decided to return the next morning to let Hank run a bit before our drive home. We played at the park Wednesday morning then hit the road. We arrived home that evening and we still have some blissful days off together. Amen. 
Selfies are hard

I recently discovered portrait mode #obsessed 
 We had so much fun with AJ's family in Boise! This might have to be an annual thing!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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