Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Life Lately and Birthday Fun!

Hey there! It's been a minute since I've blogged! I've been: chasing around my toddler (How is he so big now?!), turning 32, herding cats in 1st grade and teaching them to read while I herd, going through spring parent/teacher conferences, working on my math endorsement, praying for spring, trying to hit the gym, getting together with friends, reading, listening to podcasts, watching The Bachelor, cooking, dating my hubby, and tidying after said toddler. But through it all, I've missed writing in this little blog space. So here I am! I have lots of pictures for ya'll!!

 My parents babysat for us last Saturday and we went to dinner at one of our fave spots (The Bohemian) and went to a Jazz game! The Jazz tickets were a Christmas gift from my parents. It was a great game and we had a good time!

I went to "Shark Tank Yoga" at the Aquarium this past week. It was so wonderful! 

I ventured into Ikea last week for a few things and we redid our bedding. I love the spring refresh! I popped some popcorn, poured myself a diet coke, and watched Crazy Rich Asians in bed last weekend. It was a heavenly 90 minutes. 

Speaking of movies, Hank and I watched Peter Rabbit TWICE this past weekend. I absolutely loved it. So cute! I had the past 2 Fridays off and while Parent teacher conferences make for long days, they went well, and it's nice touching base with families, and getting a nice breather when they're done! 
I am so wishing for spring. In fact, last week we made a warm weather dinner of  BBQ chicken and pasta salad. Here up, summer! There was an hour or so of gorgeous sunshine on Saturday and we hurried out for a family walk. Hank is obsessed with swings (he will find a picture of them in one of his book and points at it and gestures wildly) so we got to go out for a bit. 

Since my birthday was Monday, I hit up the spa on Saturday morning for a massage and facial and it was delightful! Then I went and did some shopping for Hank and just knew I had to get my little dude this shirt. Hank is all. about. cheese. Haha! 

I did some major tidying up this weekend and space bagged Hank's too small clothes, and organized closets and drawers. Yay for simplifying! Although, I had to laugh because on this "get rid of it" spree, Hank and I went into Michael's and he was obsessed with this light up baton. We bought it. There's only so much tidying up you can do as a parent, right?!

I had a wonderful birthday thanks to the love of family and friends. We had a fun family dinner followed by Crumbl cookies, presents, and watching Bachelor Colton breaking down crying. Good times. 

Look for a Hank 15th month update, a book post, and some more blog fun coming up. Thanks for reading!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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