Thursday, February 7, 2019

Game Changers

Hi There,
   Instead of a normal "What I'm Loving Lately" post (by the way, you can check all those former ones out HERE), I decided to compile a list of things I'm enjoying that are "game changers." Ready for a random assortment?!

1. Donut Shop Sweet and Creamy K Cups: So I found this one by accident because I put Kroger K Cups on my Clicklist order and they were out so they replaced them with these guys and I am hooked! So basically they are K cups with creamer/sugar already in them so no extra creamer is needed. It produces the perfect cup of coffee and it doesn't chill it out with creamer from the fridge. Yes, I'm sure it's bad for me and chock full of chemicals. Don't at me, bro (AJ and I can't stop saying this phrase to each other)! Such a great grocery find!

2. Earring Organizer: I've been searching for a great organizer for my earrings for a while and just last week I decided to check out Etsy. Score! I found this local company called Never Lost Earrings and purchased the white 8 x 10 frame holder and I am in love! I had so much fun putting in all my earrings and am excited to wear some I haven't seen in a while since they've been in a messy box. Yay for accessory organization!

3. Snow Day! On Wednesday we had a snow day and it was GLORIOUS! The best part about it was that it was completely unexpected. I was dressed and doing my makeup when AJ got the text. We did a happy dance and immediately got back in our pajamas. I am on outside duty this week at school so I was especially thankful. We read, played, and snuggled up at home all day. It was perfection. And spring can come now. Anytime. Please and thank you.

4. Glow Kids: I usually wait until the end of the month to post my reads, but I started this one this week and cannot stop singing its praises. This book is about technology and its affect on children. It's written by an addiction specialist and it is fascinating. It is a sobering wake up call as well as a deep dive into the money/technology/education realm (ahem, can you say corruption?). I recommend this book to every single person. It's a library book so I've been taking photos of quotes I like (ironic), but I am considering purchasing it so I can highlight. This book and its message are the very definition of game changing. Get your hands on this book and the research in it!!

5. Gel Manicures: Ya'll know I love a good mani so I'll say it again: Game. Changer. Going 2 plus weeks with no chips is the best! I went with a light pink for Valentines Day but I'm thinking of getting some cute nail art for St. Patty's Day.

6. Sean McConnell: I discovered Sean's music in the summer of 2016, after we lost Hadley and I have been a fan ever since. We even met him in Boise. Anyway, I love his style, his lyrics, and I just think he's a pretty cool guy. His new album, Secondhand Smoke, comes out tomorrow and I cannot wait. Listen to his song Shaky Bridges (so so so good).

7. A New Purse: Ok, so this isn't really a game changer  but I am hunting for a new purse And ladies, isn't the perfect bag an outfit and attitude game changer?! I am considering a crossbody, love a preppy look, it must be big but not giant. The great purse hunt of 2019 begins! Send me all your faves!

Happy Fri-Yay Eve!
Savor Your Sparkle (and all the game changers),


  1. I want to try those k-cups! I love your nail color, I can't stand when my nails chip. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for reading! I am really digging the pastel colors these days....wishful thinking for spring!

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