Sunday, January 6, 2019

Life Lately

Hi There,
    January is here like a whirlwind! Life has been busy lately, but I kind of enjoy that for the new year. It's snowing buckets here now and I'd like to tell you I have a nice frothy mug of cocoa with me as I curl up and write this, but I'm going with a McD's sweet tea this afternoon. #reallife. So, what's new with the Steeles lately? We are enjoying life with our ONE YEAR OLD! (Click to see his Lumberjack Birthday Party). He is such a funny little guy. Hank is on the move all the time and it's so fun to really play together now. I miss our stroller walks and am looking forward to warmer weather so we can hit the pavement again. All the bottles are packed away (happy not to wash alllll those bottle parts anymore, but sad my guy is growing so fast) and he is eating all "real" food now. Mandarin oranges, honey nut Cheerios, and quesadillas are, without a doubt, his favorite!
taking off his shirt is his latest trick....he thinks it's hilarious! 

Tuxedo Onesie on NYE 

These jammies. I cannot handle his cuteness 

School started back this week and thank goodness we didn't start back with a full week! It was good to see my kids again. I think we can officially say we are back in the swing of things. I don't mind a bit, I love a good routine. I set aside some time last week to write out some goals/plans/dreams for 2019. Nothing major---I want to play with Hank as much as possible, keep dating my hubby, learn some new teaching techniques (I'm starting my elementary math endorsement this week, eeek!), write more, keep reading (HERE are my 2019 Top Ten Reads), slow down, be there for others in tangible ways, finish the Everyday Holy Devotional book, and continue getting my Boot Campin' on.
Another one of my resolutions was to take better care of my skin in 2019 (This girl isn't getting any younger!). I've had various different products and regimens over the years and a few weeks ago, I started using Philosophy skin care products and I'm really liking them! I use Kirkland makeup wipes to remove eye makeup then I've been washing my face morning and night with Purity Skin cleanser and I apply the Purity moisturizer then as well. Twice a week, instead of the Purity wash, I've been using their Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Scrub. I also started using The Supernatural (another Philosophy product) which is a tinted gel cream with sunscreen. I've been trying to use a detox mask twice a week as well. It's only been a few weeks, but I'm liking it so far!

A skin selfie....this is with the Supernatural and a swipe of bronzer. 

We had a pretty chill weekend. On Friday I was in bed by 9 and it was glorious. Saturday we can errands (PSA: Huggies are on sale at Costco!), relaxed, and after Hank went to bed we watched Bird Box. I had to see what all the hype was about. I really liked it. It was super captivating and I think it may have even been better than A Quiet Place. Today is for some meal prepping and afternoon Little Gym class for Hank.
I'm looking forward to a full and fun week.....especially since THE BACHELOR starts tomorrow!! (ETA: If Tia makes an appearance, I'm out. Be done, girl. BE. DONE.) Ahem, anyway....Have a great week!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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