Saturday, November 24, 2018

Thanksgiving Weekend

Hi There!
     We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend (that's still going....Hello weekend!). We were so fortunate to have our family together and AJ's mom and dad came into town and we had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. It was a lovely time!
great table scape, Allnatts! 

 AJ's family came into town Sunday and they watched Hank while AJ and I worked Monday and Tuesday. Those two days of school just flew by and I enjoyed making "Pilgrim Butter" with my class again. It was super nice to have family in town and I was so grateful to AJ's mom for making dinner those two nights! On Wednesday, we hung out and relaxed and did some prep for Thanksgiving (I made 2 new recipes: cranberry orange sauce and parmesan artichoke sourdough studding. Yum!).
Hank loves hanging with Grandma and Grandpa

my gentlemen
I love this Hank pic

That afternoon AJ and I went out and did some Christmas/Birthday shopping for Hank, and we went to see A Star is Born and then to dinner at Pizzeria Limone. I love date nights!!
Ok, I liked this movie. Lady Gaga is so talented, but it wasn't exactly uplifting. Still, it was well done. 
Thanksgiving morning I woke up early with a cold/congestion and I ended up taking a morning nap! AJ and I went to visit Hadley, got some coffee, and decked out the house for the holidays! See ya pumpkins, hello Christmas! We are doing a sort of low-key decorating situation this year because having an 11 month old is all about damage reduction. Ha! We are skipping a big tree but I don't really mind. We got ready to head to my family's house in the afternoon. We had a great time chatting and feasting!

After dinner scratch it's! A tradition! 

My parents gave Hank a set of 100 balls....he was in heaven! That gift is staying at Grandma and Grandpa's FYI, haha. 
 After dinner, Libby and I headed out to some stores for a lil Black Friday shopping! I will say....I am a fan of the 6-8 Thanksgiving evening shopping. We shopped off some of our meal and then came home for pie, so I'd say that's a good deal. We hit up Ulta (which was pretty crowded) and Old Navy (half off the whole store!). We found some good stuff!

In his coat waiting for mommy and daddy to load the car
asleep on Aunt Libby
 So Hank skipped his afternoon nap on Thanksgiving because this boy is an EXTROVERT and does not want to miss a moment of socializing. He stayed awake chatting and playing until around 9:00 when he finally crashed! You could tell he was fighting sleep but the little man was exhausted. I packed him his jammies so he slept the whole way home and then went right into his crib when we got home. It's an exhausting life being a social butterfly!

Friday morning, I did a Clicklist pick up and AJ's parents headed home to Oregon. We are looking forward to everyone being together again in just a few weeks for Hank's birthday! I took Hank for a walk Friday afternoon and now it's Friday evening and I'm just enjoying a glass of wine and reading a good book (look for my November book post next week!)
What a fabulous Thanksgiving we had. We are thankful.

Savor Your Sparkle,

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