Saturday, November 10, 2018

Life Lately--in captions

Hi Guys!
   I haven't blogged in a while because last week was cray cray with parent teacher conferences, squeezing in workouts, momming, and more. But the weekend is here at last! I kind of can't believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner (I love that fun and festive 2 day week beforehand...second year in a row I'll be making butter with the 1st grade). I took down all the Halloween decos and am thinking the Christmas ones aren't too far behind.  I have a whole lot of pictures for you in this post! Here we go...
This dude loves mealtime! 

Hank still has purees (baby food or oatmeal with applesauce) for lunch and "real food" for dinner. This is one of his faves---roasted sweet potatoes, cheesy eggs, and a teething cracker pack. 
I've been brushing his hair to the side sometimes. Ahhh, I love it! 

We love The Little Gym! 
Aunt Libby snapped this sweet pic

We got a new vacuum last weekend (so so so needed) and last Saturday night we vacuumed the whole house and were in bed by 9. My life is so glam guys. (and I wouldn't have it any other way!) 

My latest Costco fave

We went out to dinner last Saturday. He's the best little third wheel. 

I've been saying for months we need to get this boy to the Aquarium, but PetsMart was the outing last weekend. He loved the birds (and hell to the no, we will not be getting one). 

Me in the coffee drive thru excited to be done with conferences! They went well. They are late nights, but I actually love the one on one convos with families. 

We visited a play cafe with friends on Friday 

Love him. 

I love these ladies! We all worked together when we were single gals and look at us now! I love having friends in this phase of life with me. 

We decided to visit dad at work! Here's Hank helping AJ on the tail end of an AP lesson. 

Boss Baby

I'm planning Hank's 1st birthday and the fact that we are nearly here is giving me all the feels. I am so thankful to be Hank's mommy, missing those newborn snuggles, loving this big boy phase, missing Hadley, excited for Hank's first Thanksgiving. All of it feels big and messy and wonderful. 

My class Donors Choose project got funded! I received a 15 book mindfulness "library." Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, self control skills, and social skills education are quickly becoming my passion in the classroom. It's needed. Des.per.ately. The world needs a reflective, mindful generation. 

RED CUP SEASON IS UPON US! I got there bright and early on November 2nd to score my free reusable red cup. Starbucks Christmas roll out brings me JOY! Falalalala. 

Guitar serenade from my boys. 

There's a Crumbl bakery (the teacher in me is really irritated by the lack of the "silent e" at the end. Gah!) right in our neighborhood now and oh boy, these are gooooood. Hank (and AJ) treated me to some after conferences.

Took a screenshot of this on insta. It's a Thanksgiving breakfast bowl! How yummy does that look? I think there is a Greek yogurt + pepita + cinnamon + craisin + sweet potato bowl in my future. Healthy and yum! (especially after those Crumbl cookies, eeeek!) 

AJ has been pumped all week for the Black Clover warehouse/tent sale. My guy loves golf gear and hats. I was happy to oblige. 
That's a glimpse of our life captions! Have a great week ahead!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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