Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween 2018!

 Well, Halloween 2018 is in the books and it was a great one! I turned to AJ Wednesday night and said sadly, "Do you realize we only have 17 more Halloweens until he's all grown up?!" Remember those commercials this summer (no idea what for) about how kids only really have "18 summers." Guys, I guess it did a number on me. It all goes so fast. But I snapped back to reality when AJ told me we might have a problem if Hank is still trick or treating 17 years from now. Point taken.

Hank was a Gingerbread Baby this year! I was browsing costumes online a few months ago, saw this one, and just fell in love with it. It's from Since Hank was going with a Christmas for Halloween thing, and my team at school was too, we just went for it!

Hank wore his costume last week to visit me at school and go to the school Halloween parade. My students were over the moon to meet the infamous Hank. He also wore his costume to The Little Gym Halloween party last weekend. It was fun to see his gym buddies all in costume. I think they were all very confused!

Halloween night we decided to have my family over for dinner so they could see Hank all dressed up and help us hand out candy as we took Hank around the block to a few houses. I made chili since I didn't really need to cook it was just all ready in the crockpot. We added a salad, cornbread, and pumpkin cake and dinner was done. Easy peasy!
That's a great daddy right there. 
We had to trick or treat at our house! Here's my mom answering our door

When we got back from trick or treating (about 15 minutes, haha), we sorted Hank's loot and he had some licks of a cherry lollipop. It was so cute!

Now we're looking forward to Thanksgiving with the Steeles coming to town and Christmas music....and red cups....and peppermint.....and decorations. Holidays are the best!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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