Tuesday, October 2, 2018

What I'm Loving Lately

These posts are my favorite posts....a random hodge podge of things I'm loving lately!

1. Fall Weather---Ok, I think it just might be here now. I have not gone full on boot mode yet, but I did bust out the booties and I've been incorporating more cardigans into my life so I think it's fair to say scarves are next. There are few things I love more than a sunny, crisp, chilly morning. Bring it on, Fall! Also, I think I've been successful with indoctrinating my students to all things Fall--"Look Mrs. Steele, a yellow leaf! I bet you love that." "I saw pumpkins at the store and thought of you." "Can you spray your fall room spray please?"

2. Lauren Daigle----I have heard some of Lauren's music before but after listening to an episode of the Popcast and hearing the rave reviews of her album "Look Up Child," I made the purchase and I have not stopped listening since. Lauren is a Christian artist but her songs aren't cheesy worship jams, but soulful, heartfelt, gorgeous songs about God. She is the Christian version of Adele and I am here for it. Her song "Rescue" makes me a bit misty eyed. I cannot say enough amazing things about this album.

3. Dessert Hummus---Now, you know I love regular (savory) hummus, but when I saw dessert hummus on Shark Tank I was intrigued. I was a bit scared to buy some for myself so when one of my teammates brought some to lunch, I just had to try a taste. And? I was sold. I bought myself some and the rich chocolatey flavor paired with Honeycrisp slices? So. So. So. delightful. And the chickpea thing doesn't freak me out too much because remember when I was in a chickpea blondie baking phase? Try this stuff if you like chocolate and guilt free snacking.

4. Days off---We have quite a few days off coming up with Fall Break, grade day, comp day for conferences etc. and I am so excited to have a slower pace and enjoy some extra time off. So often I feel like I'm running around trying to do all.the.things. and we are approaching the wonderful time of the year with lots of holidays and breaks. Amen!

5. Family Photos---We got family photos taken a few weeks ago and I am in love with how perfectly my Hank was captured. I cannot believe my sweet boy is almost 10 months old. I'll be doing a Hank Life update in a few weeks. Sheesh, I love that tiny handsome man. Here are a few of my favorites.

6. Weekending---This weekend AJ and I saw "Waitress" and we really liked it! We had brunch at one of my fave spots and enjoyed a wonderful Sunday afternoon together. Saturday my sister and I went to the Farmers Market together. Fun times.

7. This weekend we are having my parents over for dinner to celebrate my dad's retirement! Yay, dad!

Have a great week!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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