Sunday, October 14, 2018

Hank's Happenings

I try and do these monthly posts every couple of months for memories sake. The fact that Hank will be TEN MONTHS OLD on Wednesday is blowing my mind! AJ and I have been looking at old pictures lately and we cannot believe our little man is nearly a year old. I also keep thinking of this time last year with my enormous pregnant belly. Sheesh. Here are some updates on Hank lately!!

 Hank loves bath time! He loves playing with his squishy fish bath toys and splashing around. This kid loves water! I also adore that sweet fresh cleaned baby smell and his cute little wet hair! AJ and I sing him a song after bath that we made up called "Trout Out of the Water" (parenting is humbling, ya'll, if people saw us singing that song I'd be mortified for life. Haha).

Hank enjoys going on walks with Grandma every day and sometimes in the evenings with mom and dad. We think he's about outgrown his baby stroller insert and we're ready to try out the big boy part now!

Hank drinks 3 bottles a day (morning, afternoon, and night). We are working on weaning off of the afternoon bottle. Hank tried many new foods this month, including yogurt, wheat bread, Gerber yogurt drops, mandarin oranges (probably his favorite food!), pears, applesauce, Puffs, scrambled eggs, and pasta. He typically doesn't eat enough of those "big people" foods to constitute a full meal, so he usually has 2 baby food purees a day as well.

This boy is on. the. move!! We have baby gates at the top and bottom of our stairs. I am so glad we do, it just gives me additional peace of mind. I bought some cabinet locks but we haven't put them in yet. If the pantry door is open, Hank is right there, ready to pounce! Haha. We took the knobs off our TV stand and have moved many things off of bottom shelves. I know that bumps and scrapes are bound to happen, but I'd like to prevent some if I can! Hank crawls and pulls himself up to stand. He loves to walk along the TV stand or couch as he hangs on. Little Gym classes remain one of his favorites and I think it's really helped his mobility. Life with a baby on the move can be crazy sometimes, though! We moved his Skip Hop baby seat to our bedroom so he can be contained there if we're trying to get ready or something.

Hank usually sleeps from 7:30-5:30 ish. It varies somewhat, but that's been pretty typical lately. The mornings can be challenging if he's up at 5:30 with both AJ and I getting ready for work. We haven't really developed a "system," and each day is different. Some days I leave him until I'm showered and dressed and other days I'll get him from his crib and let him lay in our bed. Sometimes AJ gives him his morning bottle, sometimes we let him play in our bedroom, and some mornings it's Paw Patrol and wish for the best! Haha. Weekday mornings are sort of nutty, but we're surviving!

Hank has really taken off in the growth department (almost 23 lbs. at our last visit!) and wears 12 month, 18 month, and 24 month clothes. I am loving all his cute sweats and sweaters now with cooler weather. I packed away most of his shorts last weekend. I would love to buy some clothes off-season for great deals, but I'm not quite sure about his sizes moving forward.

Hank loves to chatter and babble. He says "la la" "ma ma" "ba ba" "da da" and "ppppp." Hank also loves to growl! He is mesmerized by the Twinkle Twinkle song and motions. He loves his "touchy feely" books best and enjoys the feel of various textures. He likes knocking over stacked blocks, crawling under the table, playing Peek a Boo, throwing balls, and anything he can put in his mouth!

Hank has 2 little teeth on the bottom and I can feel a top one cutting through. He's had a couple of rough fussy nights that I'm pretty sure is due to teething (he was gnawing on the side of his crib hysterical one night. It

This boy continues to delight and amaze me every day. I take so much joy in watching him grow and learn. We do not take it for granted. Life is much crazier now that he's a guy on the move, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Hank Grayson, you are so special.

Savor Your Sparkle,

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