Saturday, September 22, 2018

Life Lately

Hi There,
    I have so much updating to do/ pictures to share! We are in full swing of the school year around here. Life is busy but we are enjoying every second. Hankers has two teeth and I'm thinking he might have a third on the way. We took family photos this morning and I can't wait to get them back. I know he's growing every single day but I can really tell when I look back on old I just can't stop taking them! I've been brainstorming for his first birthday and can't believe it's just a few short months away. This past week we had AJ's parents in town. They watched Hank for the week and had so much fun. Hank just loves his grandparents! We feel so fortunate to have such wonderful family in our lives.  Here are some pics from our life lately!
We love our Little Gym classes!

This hair. Lol. Some days it's crazier than others 

snuggles with grandma 

posing with grandpa before photos! 

9 months in the world! How does time move so quickly?!

I took down my cookie cutters the other day and we have a new favorite toy at our house! 

 AJ and I enjoyed a date night last week. We saw "A Simple Favor" at the movies (good not great) and had dinner out. It's so fun to have some solo couple time.

after work I'm most likely in leggings (LulaRoe is my fave) and these slippers I scored for $10 at Payless

AJ's dad went on an Alaskan fishing trip earlier this month. He shared his goods with us and we have more in the freezer. So yummy! 
We are all about that Fall life over here and apple week and pumpkin week are on the schedule coming up with my 1st graders and I just love teaching during this time of year.
So one of my students wore this adorable Starbucks bow the other day. I gushed about how cute it was, she told her mom, and her mom brought me my very own on Friday. Haha. I'm sort of dreading the inevitable day she'll want us to wear them together and be twins. LOL. 
This drink right here was a winner. If you know about the Leaf Rakers Society then we are already best friends. 

We're making these cute things in class this week 

Verdict: GOOD! 

We are just enjoying these fun days and coming to grips with the fact that we have a crawler who enjoys standing. in. his. crib. now. Hope you all have a great weekend.....I'll be back next week with my September Reads post.

Savor Your Sparkle,

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