Sunday, August 12, 2018

Life Lately

You all know how I make a "to do" list every day and no joke, "blog a Life Lately post" has been on my list for over a week. So here we are! We are in full back to school mode in these parts and even though kids don't arrive for 11 days (and who's counting, right?), there always seems like so much has to be done in August. I brought home some work this weekend, turned on a cheesy Lifetime movie and labeled....are you ready? (ahem): backpack hooks, desk name tags, call on you clips, folders, behavior chart cards, lunch choice magnets, bulletin board tags, and filing tabs. It's a ton of work, but I actually love getting my classroom all ready each year. It's my home away from home!

We worked in our classrooms Friday. AJ's face sums up how he feels about that! LOL 

 Before I get into photos of life lately, I thought I'd revisit my summer goals. You can see my post all about it HERE. So, how'd I do? I was successful on reading (so many amazing summer books!), trying new recipes, staying active, Hank has been thoroughly introduced to fruits and veggies, I cleaned all our drawers and closets, pampered myself with a few massages, a pedi or two, and got a lash lift. I finished the whole TV series of Younger (so good), celebrated Hadley's birthday in a special way, and browsed on Teachers Pay Teachers. I didn't take Hank to the zoo or aquarium so those are on my list of things to do this school year. I also did connect with friends for get togethers etc. but I can always do more of that!

We went for a walk this morning and talked about our favorite parts of the summer and while our Oregon trip was high on the list, along with taking Hank to Little Gym, sleeping in, relaxing, going on dates, celebrating our anniversary and Hadley's birthday (I recently wrote an article about Hadley for the September edition of Share Parents magazine, I'll be sure to share it here when it's published!), we both agreed that getting to spend so much time with Hank is, no doubt, the best part of the summer of 2018. It's such a joy being Hank's mom. I'm nuts about that boy. Life lately has been a lot of....

Walks and lots of swimming:

Family Time and sweet relaxation:

mesmerized by A Wrinkle In Time 

A Day at Lagoon! 

I am in love with Hank's Lumberjack nursery 

Balancing healthy and treats (finding that balance can be tricky for me!)

amazing scone from the Farmers Market 

And Handsome Hank:

 Lots of Sparkle to Savor.....even if I do need to set an alarm for way.too.early. here pretty soon. EEK!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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