Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Life In Captions

 Hi There,
     We've been busy folks over here with the start of school, being parents, squeezing in gym time, book time, meal prepping, and chill time! I'm going to phone in this post and do all my writing through photo captions! This idea because I'm lazy might just need to be a new blog feature! (shrugging emoji....my new favorite). Bring on the captions!

We saw Brandi Carlile at Red Butte a few weeks ago. She's one of my favorite singers! 

We had a picnic--Baguette, prosciutto, pesto, mozzarella, salads, a yummy assortment of desserts. YUM. 

I discovered Rose in a can and my life may never be the same. 

Our friends Johnny and Chelsie
I had a super cute classroom helper one day getting ready for school 

I got these great rugs and kiddie furniture from Donor's Choose this summer. I love how it looks! 

My little nook 

Our amazing friend Kandi babysat Hank one day while we were working in our classrooms and she took this picture with Hank and sent it to school. My heart melted!

First Day of School! 

Hank loves the music at church
I cannot wait for Fall. IT'S THE BEST! 

This beverage has been a new favorite lately 
These guys melt my heart. 
I mean.....<3 

We are all about that meal prep life. We used to just do lunches but with Hank on the scene we've been prepping dinners too. I make a chicken veggie pasta or something and divide it into containers for the week. Easy peasy. 
I saw this on a blogger's insta story and I had to laugh. My sister, Libby, just moved back to Utah and we went shopping for her place and we were cracking up over our different tastes. Hers? Millenial and Marble. Mine? Farmhouse and words.
May you enjoy the rest of your week as much as Hank enjoys flying around in the laundry basket. 
Savor Your Sparkle,

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