Thursday, July 26, 2018

Summer Road Trip Part 2

It's time for Vacation Recap Part 2! If you missed Part one, click here.

We left Redmond for the Oregon Coast on Sunday mid-morning. For some reason, this leg of the trip felt like the longest. It was a super pretty drive, though. We got to the coast at around 3:30. We met up with AJ's brother Matt, Brian, and AJ's parents there. We loved exploring the beautiful beach house. It was so gorgeous and the views were perfect for reading and hanging out!

Our house was the brown one 
The first evening we went for a beach stroll, came back and had a yummy taco bar (AJ's mom did all the meal planning shopping and cooking, it was amazing!). That evening me, Matt, Brian, AJ, and Mike went to the casino. We had fun playing slots but it looks like I'll need to keep my job....we did not win big. At all. Haha.

On Tuesday, Susan, Brian, Matt and I hit up the outlet mall and had a great time. AJ, Hank, and his dad did a beach walk while we were gone. 

That afternoon AJ and I went and had a drink and appetizer at Fathom's the restaurant we ate at right before we got engaged and at the Inn at Spanish Head where we honeymooned. It was so nice to have a day date with my guy. After that we hit up some beach shops and the Christmas store (love it!).

This is the view from the BATHROOM at Fathom's. Best bathroom ever!

We relaxed that evening and I used the AMAZING bathtub in the master suite. Wine, bath bomb, face mask, a good book, and a super hot giant tub. This mama was in heaven. It was so nice just hanging out, chatting, relaxing, and spending quality time together. 
 The next day Matt and Brian went to go do tourist things and AJ, Hank, AJ's parents and I  walked the beach and drove to Depoe Bay (a small beach area with whale watching about 30 minutes from where we were staying).

We walked around, saw a whale, had lunch, and just explored. It was a super fun day!

 That evening we went for another beach walk, enjoyed a yummy pasta dinner, and visited the casino again (losers, again). We got ourselves organized and tidied up because we were leaving the next morning to head back to Redmond for a few days.
Hank got a whale souvenir 

I LOVE the Oregon Coast. It's where we got engaged, honeymooned, and announced we were pregnant with Hank there last year. It's a magical place and I loved introducing Hank to it. It was so nice to chill and relax with family. I have MORE pics for you about the last few days of our trip for you next time. Thanks for following along! I love having a place to document our family memories.

Savor Your Sparkle,

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