Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Summer Road Trip Part 1

I am so excited to share a little recap of our summer trip with you all! I knew if I posted the whole thing it would be way too long so I decided to divide it up. This post is for the beginning of our trip up until we went to the Oregon Coast. AJ and I have traveled to Oregon a dozen times since we began dating (most of them road trips) but this was the first time we were taking Hank! Hands down, without a doubt, this was our favorite trip we have taken because we had our little guy with us. It was fun to take him to some of our favorite spots and have him spend some wonderful quality time with AJ's side of the family.
   Now, I was sort of nervous to embark on the 11 day trip with a baby. Let's just say even my packing lists had lists before we left! All ended up being well and I learned a few tricks along the way (Like how I'd prepare 3 bottles each morning with just the formula powder. I'd fill it with disposable water bottles to make a bottle when needed, then put the finished bottle in the cooler and wash them all at night. etc.). AJ and I prepared ourselves that we might have some restless nights sleep and Hank might be fussy in the car. Traveling with a child can be a challenge (there was an incident where both Hank and I had to change clothes due to the car seat blowout situation. Haha) But overall, He. Was. Amazing. He slept wonderfully each night and was such a champ. We were so pleased and thankful that we all 3 survived our first family road trip. We're raising a lil' traveler and I love it!

We hit the road on our anniversary and were only driving from Salt Lake to Boise that day. AJ and I used to power through all the way to Oregon in one day, but with Hank, we decided to take it easy. We hit the road around 7:00, made 3 stops, and arrived in Boise around 2:00.
you can see the refection of my foot on the dash here, haha

My boys at a bathroom/McD's coffee/baby bottle stop

road trip snack 
I don't know if I already posted these, but I got these fun beach nails the week we left!
We weren't able to check into our hotel yet so we put Hank in the stroller and walked around town. I love downtown Boise and we browsed in my favorite book store there and I got an afternoon pick me up from my fave coffee shop there (Java). 

 Since it was our anniversary we wanted to go out to dinner at a restaurant Fork where we went last time we were in Boise. Guys, it is so yummy. We shared the nachos and bacon cheeseburger. It was so good. Then, of course, we had the waiter take our traditional anniversary picture holding the previous year's picture. 4 years married to AJ and I love him more now than I ever have.

After dinner we walked to find an ice cream place our friend Kandi told us about called STIL (Sweet Things In Life). This place was a MUST VISIT in my opinion. It specializes in alcohol infused ice cream, and wine and beer floats. I had the hardest time deciding but ended up going with a blueberry lemon sorbet and champagne float. It was a good choice!
 The next morning we hit the road for Oregon (Hank slept in a Pack and Play for the first time and thankfully he did super well). We ended up getting into central Oregon and to AJ's parent's house in the early afternoon. We relaxed and visited and then went out for Mexican food that evening. I cannot tell you how much it warms my heart to see Hank so well loved. His grandparents adore him as evidenced by their hallway decor...

Saturday morning AJ, Hank and I drove into Bend to walk up to the top of Pilot Butte. It's a big mountain with a paved path circling up the whole thing. It's steep but not strenuous. We took the stroller and it took us about 30 minutes each way. At the top we did a Boot Camp workout. It was such a pretty day! We found a cute coffee shop in Bend afterward (I adore local coffee shops) and cooled off with iced honey lattes and bagels.

 Saturday evening AJ's parents hosted a fun BBQ for AJ's high school pals (and groomsmen) and their families. It was nice to catch up and enjoy time chatting outside. Sunday morning we were waking up early to head to the BEACH. But that's a post for another day....

Thanks for following along with us.

Savor Your Sparkle,

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