Sunday, June 3, 2018

Summer's Here!

Summer's here and the livin' is easy! After a busy and fun few weeks this school year officially came to a close. We have some fun plans to visit the Oregon Coast, take plenty of naps, go on lots of hikes and walks, grill dinner often, swim as much as we can, and read good books.

June always brings up some mixed emotions for me because June 2nd 2016 was the day I entered the hospital in pre-term labor and on June 18th, I officially became an angel mommy. Packing up my classroom for the year and field day always brings up memories for me. It helps to visit my Hadley girl and look back on our amazing Baby Bow Bash event last June to celebrate her first birthday. In some ways it seems like decades ago and in other ways it seems like just yesterday I held my baby girl.

I put together a little list of summer goals to keep me on track. But make no mistake, this is the SOH (Summer of Hank) and I am so darn happy about that.

1. Read: I'm not setting a particular book reading goal but I do have some great reads piled up next to my bed and my hold list from the library seems to grow daily. There's nothing quite like extra reading time in the summer (pool, green grass, and icy beverages simply add to the experience)! Check out my 2018 reads so far here

2. Try new recipes: I love experimenting in the kitchen but the end of the school year got busy (Papa Murphy's and frozen TJ's meals, anyone?) so I can't wait to get back into the cooking groove. It's not exactly a recipe, but I saw an image of a Greek yogurt banana split on Pinterest and made one the other day. So yummy. I'd love to go the Farmer's Market and create a whole meal with my finds.

3. Stay Active: I'd like to continue going to Boot Camp classes throughout the summer and stay active by swimming, hiking, and walking. I'm in the mood to move!

4. Introduce Hank to fruits and veggies: We are still just feeding Hank 2 small portions of rice cereal or oatmeal each day but I've got green bean, sweet potato and carrot baby food ready to try this month. I can't believe what a big boy I've got now! It is such a blessing watching him grow and change.
Bibs I can rinse in the sink are a game changer 

5. Clean out our closets and drawers and take it to Savers: I love a good purge session--clean (and organize!) all the things!
major closet envy

6. Get a Massage/Facial/Lash Lift: I need (errr, want) to pamper myself and these items have been on my list for a while! Ready to get blissed out!

7. Take Hank to the Zoo and Aquarium: Hank is such an observant little guy and I think he might like to look around at some cool stuff!

8. Finish a TV series from the beginning: I'm about a dozen or so episodes into the show Younger and I'm really liking it. Not quite sure it'll be my "show of the summer" but it's promising!

9. Celebrate Hadley's Birthday in a meaningful way: I have some ideas about how to celebrate Hadley's 2nd birthday and while it is a hard day, I am looking forward to spending quality time with family that day remembering her and celebrating her.

10. Connect with Friends: Life gets busy and I want to make an intentional effort this summer to connect and spend time with friends.....a walk in the park, a coffee date, or even a phone call, I just want to make friendship time a priority.

11. Browse Teachers Pay Teachers for some new classroom goodies: Around mid-July I start thinking about the next school year---what worked last year, what new things I want to try. It's nice having the summer to reflect and research new ideas.

But most of all....I want to savor every second with my little family.
He held my hand during his nap today and I had to snap a pic of the moment! 

Cheers to sunny days, flip flops, and umbrella drinks!

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