Friday, June 15, 2018

Life Lately

Hi, Guys!
    Can we all get an AMEN for summer?! I feel like with AJ gone for AP grading, my 3 work days last week (2 for a conference, 1 for a team planning day), NOW the summer can officially begin! Here's some pictures documenting our life lately. I just adore this season of life we are in----SAVORING is the name of the game!

 -Hadley's Day! We celebrated Hadley's birthday on Wednesday. I knew the day would be sort of an emotional mine field and as I went to bed that night I was thankful we had made it past it. BUT.....despite the sadness and sense of loss, I really wanted to be intentional about celebrating Hadley.  So many of our loved ones reached out that day and it meant so much to us. We wore our  Baby Bow Bash shirts, and picked out a pretty flower arrangement and baby angel statue for the cemetery. We introduced Hank to the book "Princess Baby," and continued the tradition we began last year of having a birthday dinner at Buca di Beppo.
We only light this candle on June 13th. It's her special birthday candle. 

Here are just some cute shots of Hank lately, for my own memories' sake!
There will come a time when Hank maybe won't want to dress preppy---But for now, mommy says YES! Ha! 

This boy is a drooling machine and every.single.thing. goes in his mouth. I picked up this "Munch Mitt" from Target recently. He likes it! 

My teammate Kim and I at a Teacher conference Monday and Tuesday
I saw an activity idea on Pinterest to tie a balloon to baby's foot. Hank had a great time with this! 

I tried this funfetti cheesecake crescent roll recipe last week. YUM! But lots o' sugar so this weekend I'm cooking up some chickpea blondies for a sweet treat. 
First time in the pool!

Remember how one of my summer goals was to clean all closets and drawers? Done and done! This is the donate pile. Next task: "Space Bag" all of Hank's  3-6 month clothes. 

Daddy's home!! We missed him!  
I want to wish a Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. I'm so thankful for  my own wonderful dad, my caring Father in Law, and my darling husband. Dads rock! 

Cheers to a Fabulous start to summer!!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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