Sunday, May 20, 2018

Royal Wedding!

You didn't think I'd miss my chance to blog this event did you?? Guys, how gorgeous was this wedding?! I know some people don't care but here are my thoughts: In this era of horrific news and divisive politics, the fact that we can come together and celebrate a real life love story and an actual royal wedding? Well, I, for one, am I considered for a brief second waking up at 4 am to watch but then I remembered I have a 5 month old and I'm a teacher and it's May so that was a big fat no for me.

 I settled in to watch the Royal Wedding Saturday evening with a glass of rose and some chicken veggie pizza from The Pie. It was delightful. And even though AJ complained the whole time, he did watch most of it with me. I know it's corny, but it was so special tuning in with my husband and my sweet baby boy. I remember recording Kate and William's wedding and rushing home from my teaching gig in Chicago (on the bus, no less, my life was pretty glamorous). I got Chinese take out and watched every minute. I loved it. I wondered if I'd ever marry and could tell how in love Will and Kate were. And while we may not live at Buckingham Palace, I think our life is an imperfect version of our own Fairy Tale.....Although my new life goal is to somehow get Hank to marry Charlotte. You heard it here first!

So without further ado, my random/jumbled thoughts on the event!

-I'm loving all these specials about the royals. Meghan and Harry went to AFRICA on their third date. We went to Beans & Brews.
-Meghan Markle is gorgeous....all these clips from Suits make me wonder if I should tune in? Anyone watch it?
-These hats!!! Silly question but is a "fascinator" a requirement? Like is it rude if you don't sport one?
-Of course Oprah is there! Looking good!
-Amal Clooney looks like the Man with the Yellow Hat from Curious George and the Queen looked like a highlighter (sorry for the snark)
-Harry's beard looks good! I'm digging this "rustic" vibe (very Chip Gaines)
 -Totally fast forwarding through all the car driving parts
-Her dress is so perfect! I adore the boat neck. The hair surprised me, it seemed pretty casual, but then again, nothing dresses up a low bun like an actual diamond hairpiece. Also doesn't this photo look like it was taken right out of a proposal scene from The Bachelor?
-The Bells chiming as she stepped out of the car=goosebumps
-I love that Meghan and her mom and independent women but I still wish her mom had a wedding date. At least she could have sat near Elton, I feel like he'd be a fun and fabulous pal for the day.
-OMG those royal children are PRECIOUS! #Hankandcharlotte2040 #Hewillsteeleherheart #princehank
-The Stand By Me Gospel Choir?! I love that song and can we talk about how they looked at each other while it was going on? Adorbs.
-The sermon: I really liked that it was given by an American. I liked the message and the world needed to hear that BUT I would have liked more talk about marriage specifically and their relationship but I suppose when you get married in front of the world anecdotes and cheesy marriage advice get replaced by MLK quotes etc. Ok, I get it.
-Departure by carriage? Well, this certainly brings back memories

-Meghan's reception dress is ammmm-azing
------Hours long break for family walk, Hank bath, bottle, bedtime----
-SNL Royal Wedding skit=perfection. Aidy Bryant as Elton John is casting brilliance.
-Bedtime! I think tomorrow I'll fix a spot of tea and binge watch all the commentary and footage.

What a beautiful royal wedding! Until the next one.....where I will be in attendance. I think Kate would be just a darling in-law don't you?

Savor Your Sparkle,

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  1. This is perfect! :). Loved the recap of the wedding! I, too, am a teacher and feeling the May tiredness and CrAzY! Happy Monday!