Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day Weekend

Hi Everyone!
   We had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend! My heart goes out to all women this weekend. I am so so so thankful be be a mommy and Hank is my whole heart. I know the other side, though. I know what it feels like to look at other people's perfectly posed Facebook pictures of their precious babies and to miss yours with an ache that feels so deep. I have friends who are years into the journey of infertility wondering if that desire God placed on their heart to be a parent is just a cruel joke. I know of friends who have lost their own mothers far too soon. While yes, it's a day of celebration that took on a whole new meaning for me as I held my son, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the pain the day might make others feel. It can be hard so it's good thing we have each other.

A major shout out to our good friend Kandi. She is basically super woman and did this craft project when she watched Hank a few weeks ago. I love this so much! We love you, "Aunt Kandi!" 

We decided to celebrate Mother's Day on Saturday since AJ had to work Sunday. My guys brought me coffee and a bagel in bed and I literally lounged and read in my pj's until about noon. It was heavenly! They also gave me the most beautiful's the profile of a little boy! I love it so much (Mama loves anything in a little blue box). I went out eventually and headed to the Scholastic Teacher Book Sale (it's a good thing I was hurrying to get home because I could have been in there for hours).

My parents came over in the afternoon to keep an eye on Hank while AJ and I went to our first movie date since our little man joined our family. We saw "Tully" which I expected to be much cuter and more of a "feel good" flick that it actually ended up being (it was actually pretty dark). We picked up some Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes and take out from Famous Daves to bring home so we could have dinner all together.

It's pretty awesome being a mom but one thing I didn't anticipate was how fun it is watching your parents become grandparents. My mom is such an amazing mom and grandma to Hank. She is full of energy, is so thoughtful, and I'm so lucky she's ours. The rainy day ended up clearing up so we loaded up the stroller and went for a walk together. It was such a nice day.

Sunday we powered through laundry, ironing, chores, etc. before AJ went to work in the afternoon. Hankers and I went for a walk, visited Hadley, and went to my parent's house for dinner.

There are 13 days left of school and this weekend AJ's mom arrives into town to tend Hank until summer begins! (Besides my own mom, I am so blessed to have the best Mother in Law in the world. We love you, Grandma Steele!). This time of year is exhausting but wonderful. I love tying a bow on the school year. Have a great week, everyone!
Savor Your Sparkle,

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