Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Life Lately

Hi Everyone,
   I feel like I've been sort of off my writing game lately. But we're in the final countdown of school days until summer, the days are getting longer (and warmer!) and my squishy 4 month old is more fun to play with than writing anyway. Today's post is a bit of random and life lately for you. In fact, I'm even doing it in numbered form.

1. I love teaching this time of year (except when spring fever hits, then it's like is it June yet?) because we are into our butterfly unit (cocoons this week!), the seeds we planted have begun to bloom (literally) and figuratively, the "seeds" we've been planting all year in the form of reading practice, math centers games, developing good student habits, becoming writers of actual stories and (gasp!) even "reports" with facts are really blossoming. I'm just so proud of how far we've come. This time of year things just get clicking and I love it.
Our sunflowers we planted have bloomed! 

On our zoo field trip last week. Such a fun day! 

2. Hank got dedicated at church this weekend! Child dedication basically means we present him to God and promise to raise him as a child of God. He was presented before the church and it was so special to think of where this journey of faith might take him in the future. He'll go to Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, pray with us, learn about God, and ultimately, our greatest desire is to raise a young man of values. But there's no way we can do that alone. We need our families and communities too....and that's basically what Child Dedication is about! We chose his "life verse" as Isaiah 40:31: "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."....especially special being a Juan Diego alum!

3. I've been in major spring cleaning mode. I sorted Hank's closet (he's in 6-9 month clothing now) and sometime soon I plan on "space bagging" and packing away his clothes that no longer fit. Our house was feeling super small (baby gear is no joke) so we took out our big ottoman and I am loving all the extra room! We organized our closets and garage and last week my teammates and I even tackled the 1st grade work room. Clean all the things!

4. If you're like me that picture of Kate Middleton after baby number 3 might have had you looking at your post-baby bod with a not so kind lens. I'd like to tell you I had an empowered convo with myself that went something like, "Hey! Not so fast with the body-shaming! You had two babies in two years! You're pre-baby clothes fit, whatevs if they're a bit tight, your stretch marks are battle scars, mama! You are healthy and strong." But in actuality, I got frustrated with myself. I like desserts. And watching TV. And I honestly haven't weighed myself in over a month. I'm pushing myself in Boot Camp classes and am trying to make smarter eating choices....A work in progress! But if you're like me and panicking a little that bathing suit season is around the corner, know this: you are not alone.

5. Books! 2018 reads have been SO good and I've got my May pile all ready to roll (although, let's be real, this time of year is crazy, so any reading I can squeeze in this month is a plus). Check out my 2018 reads so far here.

6. Philosophy Perfumes: I have always loved Philosophy products----dessert scented shower gels with a recipe no less?? I'm in! Amazing Grace has always been one of my go-to scents, but my friend gifted me a Philosophy perfume variety set for my birthday and I love trying all the fresh clean scents. My new fave? Fresh cream. It's less "coffee creamer" (as I imagined it might smell) and more fresh, clean, springy. Love.

7. Family Time: This month my sister is coming for a visit, and AJ's parents are too. We've got Mother's Day to celebrate, my Mother in Law's birthday, and Hank loves his grandparent snuggles. Life is good in the Steele 'hood this spring.

8. The Hamilton Mix Tape: I'm obsessed. The drive to work is far too short to do all the car singing I want to do on the daily.

Have a great week, everyone!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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