Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Crust Club

This is not a sponsored post for Crust Club although I wish it was. I just really love this company and concept. Any marketers out there working with pastry companies, ya'll can contact me any time any day. I will gladly accept payment in the form of actual dough. Ok, moving on, this week I tried Crust Club for the first time and it was love at first bite.
This logo is so cute. I want this color scheme as a skirt! 

What is Crust Club?!

-Crust Club is a local Utah company that makes and delivers frozen or fresh and ready to bake dinner and dessert pies right to your door! They have fresh ingredients and you can definitely tell they are made from scratch.

-The dinner pie options change each week so there's always new flavors to check out (I am sincerely regretting not ordering their carnitas pie a few weeks ago). It seems like they always have The Original in stock (chicken pot pie) and recently they've come out with non-pie dinners too.

-There's no clubs to join or commitments to make, just order a pie and it's at your door the very next day and dinner is done. Easy peasy. (If you live in UT county you can go to their store too and pick it up, it's in Pleasant Grove).

This week we had AJ's mom in town and I wanted an easy dinner so we ordered their flash frozen Shepherd's pie. I placed the order on Monday, it arrived Tuesday, and we had it for dinner on Wednesday. Guys. It was SO good. And honestly, I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to meal delivery services (I don't want to commit and it can be pricey), but this medium pie cost $20---less than it would cost to purchase these ingredients and make it myself or for us to go out to dinner.

Shipping costs $5 BUT if you spend $35 or more shipping is free so you know I had to add in a $15 dessert pie sampler to get free shipping (girl shopping math---guilty as charged). THESE BABY PIES ARE INCREDIBLE. I realize purchasing said pies probably negated all my hard work with early morning workouts but they were worth it. We got a sampler they had in stock (their dessert pies change out each week like the dinner pies) with strawberry cheesecake, islander (coconut/pineapple), and my personal fave, chocolate chunk. I was impressed with the size of these "baby" pies and you get 6 in a pack. This would be so good to bring to a party or potluck.

Do I think I'll order one every week? Probably not. But every once in a while it's a fast, easy, convenient and delicious dinner option!

I'm a fan, guys.

Use this link to get 10% off your first Crust Club Purchase. I promise you will love it!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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