Friday, April 13, 2018

Life Lately & Hamilton

Hi There,
    Guys. It's Friday. Amen and Hallelujah. This week was a fun one notably because AJ and I went on a little date night and saw Hamilton! I first listened to the music last year and really liked it (And hello, major history nerd here. AJ and I were both history majors in college and US History is my absolute favorite). I always wanted to see the show but once I heard about the intense process and how many people couldn't get tickets, I was resigned to the fact that we probably wouldn't see it.

But then last week after our spring break cleaning AJ found some old golf clubs he didn't want anymore so I was posting them on KSL classifieds and took a little browse at the events section and came across Hamilton tickets. I spent the next 2 days texting and negotiating with various sellers and finally a seller and I agreed on an amount (honestly, it wasn't too outrageous and not very much more than the face value on the ticket) and we met up Saturday (with AJ and at a public place, I'm not crazy!) and we had the tickets in hand. It was so good. I had super high expectations and it surpassed them all. Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius. I've been listening to the music "NON-STOP" lately (also, my fave song in the show for the record).
Love these lyrics on a onesie! How could I resist buying this??

I discovered this Hilshire Farms snacking thingies (I call them "adult lunchables") and I love them! I snapped a pic of my lunch the other day because it's the easiest thing ever and so yummy to put together: Adult Lunchable (there's a few varieties), La Croix (so millenial, I know. I'm also obsessed with avocado toast too), Skinny Pop 100 cal bag, hummus or guac cup, snap peas, and lemoncello white chocolate almonds (from Costco. Have you guys tried these? YUM!).
 I put a pic of these Tazo Teas on my InstaStory the other day. Anything with the tagline "Dessert Delights" is something I can really get behind.

On the TV front, I've decided unless I reallllly like the show, it's series recording spot in my DVR is peacin' out. I guess it took raising an infant to get to this very important life step (Although this new policy has not raised the overall caliber of the shows I consume. I still watch mostly garbage). I gave up on Rise, 600 Pound Life, The Voice, Dr. Phil, and Will & Grace might get the ax too. I've been watching Married At First Sight, Little People Big World, Roseanne, American Housewife, Superstore, Teen Mom, and Southern Charm.

In other news, we are 34 school days until summer break. In years past, I've started my countdown way earlier ( ahem, at 75 days with my 2015-2016 darlings), but I am really enjoying this group this year. BUT no matter how great the class/teammates etc. there is nothing like summer living! Bring it on!

And I'm leaving this post with a Hank picture because I adore this little chunky monkey. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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  1. I literally call those Adult Lunchables too. So glad you loved Hamilton!!