Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter 2018

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! I've heard that the holidays become super special once kids come on the scene and that is so so so true. I know Hank is only 3 months old, but we got festive, got him Easter goodies, and celebrated being all together. While the commercial Easter things are so fun (Target Easter paper products? Swoon), I think it's important not to stray too far from the true meaning of the celebration. Easter changes everything. The message at church was perfect and I hold the words close to my heart: "Never assume God is done working." I cannot understand His ways but I also cannot ever lose faith that His ways are perfect.

AJ's family was in town (his mom had been watching Hank for 2 weeks and his dad arrived earlier this past week), so all of us went to church together and then came back to our house for an Easter lunch. AJ and I wanted to make a nice meal as a thank you to our families for all they have done for us as Hank's grandparents these past few months.

 Hank got THREE Easter Baskets (this boy is LOVED). AJ and I (well, err, The Easter Bunny) got him Easter pajamas, new shades, bubbles, Little Blue Truck's Springtime book, and a play ball. He got some fun stuffed animals and cool new toys and outfits from his grandparents. I think next year we might be able to do an egg hunt (or maybe the year after!).

 Whenever we do dinner at my parent's house, my mom always has some sort of game and prizes. We did a "guess the number of jellybeans" game. AJ's mom Susan was the winner of a Dairy Queen gift card!
 I found some pretty gold eggs at Hobby Lobby and put them on this tiered server for decoration. I added a bouquet from Harmons and ta-da, Easter ready table. We used Easter paper plates and napkins (because ain't nobody got time for all those dishes).

We ditched our plaid for a comfy onesie after lunch! 

Ok, let's talk food. We served:

-Mimosas with berries
-Spinach Artichoke Dip and Pita Chips
-Steele Family's Famous Chex Mix
-Honey Baked Ham 
-King's Hawaiian Rolls
-Mediterranean Chopped Salad (Costco) 

The meal took some planning but ended up being super easy thanks to some shortcuts. Ordering the ham was a great decision. It was so delish. We got a honeybaked ham from a friend when Hank was born and we were fans--- it was so nice not to worry about making the main dish. I love the dip because it was made in the crockpot. AJ's mom made the Chex Mix and Potatoes Deluxe (one of my favorite things she makes!). The carrot recipe was a new one for me and it turned out well. And the banana pudding.....ohmygoodness, I love it! I made it for Easter a few years ago. It's decadent and rich, perfect for a holiday (and it's no bake so super easy to put together the night before). And this mama is no longer pumping so bring. on. the. champagne. Ha! 

It was the perfect day with all the people I love the most! Happy Easter from our family to yours. 

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