Monday, March 19, 2018

What I'm Loving Lately

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    It's been a while since I've done a "What I'm Loving Lately" post. There's a lot to love these days starting with....the first day of spring this week! Holllllller! Even though it snowed last week, I'm totally embracing spring with a floral mani and enjoying the long days.

By the wonderful Dainty Digits
1. Date Nights: I've mentioned before how crucial I think date nights are. It helps that we have wonderful family close by who can watch Hank. Saturday evening we went to a Utah Jazz game. My family got the tickets for AJ for Christmas and it honestly seemed so far away at the time and then boom! It was here. We had a fun time walking around the new arena (so nice), cheering on the Jazz, and just enjoying being together. We have a few more date nights planned in the next few months. I love dating my husband. And while ya'll read in my 20 random facts post that I only went to two Gonzaga games while I was there, I was super excited that they won Saturday's game. Go Zags!

2. Tazo Lemon Loaf Tea: Confession: I have a bad habit of snacking at night so earlier this month I began a new resolution for after dinner munching. I can have either a mug of tea or a mini bag of Skinny Pop popcorn (sometimes both, I'm not perfect here, people!). Well. I discovered Tazo makes a line of dessert inspired teas. Sign me up! I love the lemon loaf tastes exactly like the lemon loaf at Starbucks. I've bought the caramel blondie kind too and they also make a vanilla macaroon one. Tea that tastes like treats? What a time to be alive!

3. Tieks! Guys. I've been wanting Tieks for a sweet forever and my in laws bought me a pair for my birthday! For those of you who think they're just regular ballet flats, they are oh so much more. One, they are well made and all the reviews say they last a long time (as opposed to the $15 shoes I normally purchase) and they are SO comfy. I am a Tieks believer. To top it off, I am a huge fan of companies that have amazing customer service and cute details. Along with the shoes came a handwritten note that said, "We can't wait to see where you're blue prints take you" (the soles of Tieks are bright blue) and a set of seasonal notecards with cute shoe art. I mean, really.
4. Hank is 3 months old: This. boy. I cannot with his cuteness. This stage (like, you know, having an awake baby during the day---I'm looking at you, snoozy first month) is so so so fun. He gets cuter everyday and he is such a sweet little man. He loves looking at lights, going for walks, kicking his legs like crazy, and drinking each bottle with gusto. We've been trying to spend more time lately in his room and it's so fun to chill in there in the evenings looking at books and AJ often gets out his guitar and Hank listens and looks mesmerized. I don't even mind it when he pees through outfits because it's just a chance to showcase another one of his many fashion choices. He's a delight and I adore him.

 Sidenote: Any Brandi Carlile fans? Her song, "Mother" is the best representation of motherhood I've heard so far. (Her new album is totes another favorite thing).

5. The Bible Binge: I am loving this new podcast! I discovered this gem through one of my other favorite podcasts, The Big Boo cast. Basically it's like a hilarious talk show recapping bible stories. The current season is all about the lineage of Jesus and it's full of super interesting biblical insight and puts a relatable spin on bible stories. Plus the hosts (Knox and Jamie...who are so perfect together), "cast" each story with a modern celebrity. Think Tony Danza as Noah and Dax Shepherd as Lot. It's perfect for my drive to and from school.

6. Big Post-its: Nerd alert! It's no secret I'm a list maker and I'm just now discovering the beauty of big post it notes! I can make a whole list and stick these guys in my teacher plan book or right on my desk. I picked up a pack of cute colored ones. Those and my Flair Pens.....bring on the long lists!

7. Family Visits: One of the neatest parts about becoming a parent has been watching our parents become grandparents, my sister become an aunt and my brother in law become an uncle. I love all the love and joy they give Hank and that he gives them. My mother in law is staying with us for two weeks and during that time my brother in law, Matt will be visiting from Denver to meet Hank and my father in law will be visiting during his spring break as well. My sister arrives in just a few weeks for a visit and my family makes an effort to see Hankers at least every week. I do not take it for granted. Hank is surrounded by love and that makes my momma heart so full.

I'm working on my March book review so look for that soon. Have a happy week, everyone!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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